Design Cafe Brno

A stylish Café in the centre of Brno We are a new stylish cafe with pleasant chillout environment in the midst of design, shapes and colours. The non-smiking environment is perfect to pick a coffe, loose leaf tea or a wine out of our selection of Moravian wines. Home made cakes and sweets are something of a standard here, as are the early opening hours just fit for breakfast, that you did not manage to take at home.A small conference room for 6 t...(more)
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Design Cafe entrance


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Design Cafe

A modern design styled Cafe and an Italian design furniture showroom in one. As you get a cup of coffe in the center of Brno, you can enjoy sitting in a very classy modern chair.

The location itself is very pleasant, being in the middle of the city, just a few steps away from the crowds on the main square of Namesti Svobody.

If you're into design, check it out. If you like good coffee, check it out. If you like sitting in something special, you won't be dissapointed. And if you like all these described above, don't wait even a minute. 

All in all a bright place, smooth atmosphere and a subtle touch of that "extra" you might want some time.