四川省成都市崇州的街子镇,在崇州城西北25公里的凤栖山下,与青城后山连接。它既得山灵水秀之惠,又有以唐代古刹光严禅院为中心的32座寺庙等古迹。 街子是个历史悠久的古镇,五代时名“横渠镇”,因横于味江河畔而得名。境内有晋代古刹———光严禅院,凤栖山旅游风景区,千亩原始森林,千年银杏、千年古楠、清代古塔,清末民初古建一条街,宋代民族英雄王小波起义遗址,唐代一瓢诗人,唐求故居,有神奇传说的古龙潭、五柜沱、云雾洞等,全镇各种文物古迹二十余处。

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More About Sichuan Province

Sichuan Province, the "River"or "Shu", the provincial capital of Chengdu, located in southwest China, the Yangtze River, in longitude 97 ° 21 '~ 108 ° 31', latitude 26 ° 03 '~ 34 ° 19' between. To benefits, benefit, Azusa, Kui four named, the province of the total area of 48.5 square kilometers. Brief plateau phase the west, east of the Three Gorges Xianfeng overlap, north of Qinling Bashan barriers surround the south Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, the formation of a famous Sichuan Basin. Sichuan Province, vast land and has a long history since ancient times to enjoy the "Land of Abundance"reputation.