Biosphere Aquarium
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Biosphere Aquarium

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Aquarium inside of the Biosphere 2

Biosphere 2 :

The basement area of Biosphere 2, known as the Technosphere, covers nearly 3.14 acrea. It is where all the electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems are houses. There are 26 air handlers (AH) located in the technosphere. Of these, 14 are large units that can heat and cool the air, remove particles from the air, maintain humidity levels and generate condensate water (for rain, fog and resupplying the ocean). The 12 smaller AHs can cool the air and generate condensate water.  To make condensate water or create dehumidification, the air temperature is lowered below the dew point and this cooled air is blown across the chilled or tower water AH coils. Cooling the air causes condensation to form on the coils, which is collected in drip pans located on the floor adjacent to the handlers.

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A: Biosphere2 livingroom

Toni Garbasso作, ここから10メートル

Living Room The human habitat is where the original biospherians slept, ate, and lived within Biosphe...

Biosphere2 livingroom

B: Biosphere2 ocean

Toni Garbasso作, ここから30メートル

OCEAN A million gallon ocean consumes much of B2's energy resourches to maintain tropical temperature...

Biosphere2 ocean

C: Biosphere2 entrance

Toni Garbasso作, ここから40メートル

Biosphere2 The controlled-environment facility, 3.14 acres (1.27 hectares) in area, is sealed from th...

Biosphere2 entrance

D: Biosphere2 - top of the tower

Toni Garbasso作, ここから40メートル

On top of the tower. A wonderful scenic room, closed to public... B2 website

Biosphere2 - top of the tower

E: Biosphere2 main dome

Toni Garbasso作, ここから50メートル

MAIN DOME Just preparing the pavement for new researches. B2 website

Biosphere2 main dome

F: Biosphere2 - east view

Toni Garbasso作, ここから90メートル

Biosphere2   The controlled-environment facility, 3.14 acres (1.27 hectares) in area, is sealed from ...

Biosphere2 - east view

G: Biosphere 2

Jürgen Schrader作, ここから170メートル

If you ever wondered what's inside these domes of Biosphere 2, well, here you go. It is a gigantic me...

Biosphere 2

H: Biosphere2 south lung

Toni Garbasso作, ここから180メートル

SOUTH LUNG Biosphere2 is a self contained and airtight structure. The south lung allows air inside to...

Biosphere2 south lung

I: Biosphere2 village

Toni Garbasso作, ここから250メートル

Casita's Village Casitas are used for conference attendees and visiting researchers. B2 website

Biosphere2 village

J: Windy Point

Juan Jose Perez作, 5.8kmかなた

This is a spectacular point to see the land scape of Santa Catalina Mountains near to Tucson Arizona ...

Windy Point

このパノラマはArizona, USAで撮影されました


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