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Ссылки на панорамный тур по Темиртау и Караганде вы можете найти на моем сайте по адресу http://yakushev.jimdo.com/

Copyright: Gennadiy Yakushev
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送信日: 11/05/2011
更新日: 08/08/2014


Tags: church; Караганда; церковь; Свято-Введенский собор; собор; православный; Якушев; фотограф; сферическая панорама; сферическая фотография; панорама
  • Elena over 1 year ago
    Огромное вам спасибо за эту замечательную прогулку по родному городу в котором не была 13 лет!
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    Gennadiy Yakushev
    Gennadiy Yakushev
    A new Catholic Church
    Gennadiy Yakushev
    Gennadiy Yakushev
    Gennadiy Yakushev
    Gennadiy Yakushev
    Gennadiy Yakushev
    Tennis Centre
    Gennadiy Yakushev
    Gennadiy Yakushev
    Gennadiy Yakushev
    Gennadiy Yakushev
    Gde,Gde? V Karagande
    Gennadiy Yakushev
    Nurken Obdirov
    Martin Berta
    Calvary Presov Winter Summer
    Jann Lipka
    Poland -Sukiennice Krakow - Drapers Hall - ancient shopping mall of Krakow
    Heinz Kirschner
    Igor Marx
    Manuel Gine
    Sedassos Square
    Naum Krstanovski Nakka
    St. Archangel Michael 12th century Macedonia, Prilep
    Henk Keijzer
    View from the 41st floor of the Circolo Italiano, Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Sandor Veress
    Village Museum (Falumuzeum), Holloko
    Federico Infanti
    Cormons S Adalberto
    Emile Duijker
    woodstock in Bloemendaal
    Richard Drew
    Mausoleum of the Archangels
    Tibor Illes
    Szoke Tisza hotel ship wreck - dance hall
    Gennadiy Yakushev
    Na opushke
    Gennadiy Yakushev
    Begazy 2
    Gennadiy Yakushev
    Gennadiy Yakushev
    Dom kultury
    Gennadiy Yakushev
    Children teart - 2
    Gennadiy Yakushev
    Aktogay museum
    Gennadiy Yakushev
    Museum Temirtau
    Gennadiy Yakushev
    Palace of Peace and Accord
    Gennadiy Yakushev
    Shabanbay Bi
    Gennadiy Yakushev
    Winter Garden
    Gennadiy Yakushev
    The ruins of the USSR
    Gennadiy Yakushev
    1 May 2013
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