City Of Rocks, Idaho - Climbing routes

City Of Rocks National Reserve

""On Belay!" Occasionally, you can hear the short communications between climbing partners on the towers and granite formations before you. Listen carefully and you might hear the click of the quickdraw (carabiner) or the clanking of cams, nuts, or chocks on a climber's rack as they ascend such routes as "Scream Cheese", "Crack of Doom", or "Skyline."

City of Rocks receives over 100,000 national and international visitors annually, and most have come to climb in this quiet, western setting. The Reserve provides one of the highest quality granite face-climbing areas in the United States, offering over 600 traditional and sport climbing routes ranging from the easy 5.6 to the difficult 5.13. While climbing is inherently risky, it is made safer through quality gear, good communication between partners, and most of all skill. Have you come to "on-sight," "Flash" or "red point?" Climb on" "

Text from sign.

Also notice a couple of climbers on the top of "Morning Glory Spire".

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Idaho is a state located in the northwestern region of the United States of America.  Idaho is the 14th largest state by area, ranks 39th by population and 53rd by population density of the 50 United States.  Idaho was the 43rd state to be admitted into the Union, on July 3, 1890.  Idaho is landlocked, being bordered by Canada on the north and the states of Washington and Oregon on the west, Nevada and Utah on the south and Montana and Wyoming on the east.  Idaho is nicknamed "The Gem State" because nearly every known gemstone is found within the state.  Idaho is also famous for producing about one third of all potatoes grown in the USA.  Idaho also hosts the largest barrel cheese factory in the world, producing 120K metric tons of cheese per year.  There is some ambiguity as to where the name "Idaho" came from, but it is generally believed to have simply been made up by George M. Willing.  There is a possibility it was derived from a Native American phrase.  Idaho is very mountainous and is a popular outing destination of the outdoorsman.  The state population was about 1.58M in July 2011 with 84% being Caucasian, 11.2% Hispanic and 1.1% Native American.  The state capital and largest city is Boise.Source: wikipedia