Devil's Gate, Wyoming, USA
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Devil's Gate, Wyoming, USA

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Visible from the road for several miles in either direction, but most apparent when traveling east to west, Devil's Gate is a narrow gorge cut through a ridge of the Granite mountains by the Sweetwater River.  The mountains are much older than the river, were covered in ash and sediment, and later uplifted so that erosion cleared away the cover.  The Sweetwater river, meandering through a broad valley became trapped in its own river bed when it uncovered the granite ridge, cutting through rather than going around the obstacle.  Today, the gorge is 400 feet across the top but only 30 feet across at the bottom.

Pioneers heading west would pass around the ridge to the south and camp in the area, exploring the gorge, carving their names on the rocks and making notes in their journals.  Immediately to the west, the area known as Martin's Cove has historical significance to the Latter Day Saints.  To the east, Independence Rock rises above the planes and bears the carved names of many pioneers.  The Oregon trail passes through and the whole area was a popular summer camp for emigrants heading west.

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A: Devil's Gate, Wyoming, USA

John Roberts作, ここから60メートル

Visible from the road for several miles in either direction, but most apparent when traveling east to...

Devil's Gate, Wyoming, USA

B: Fredrick Fulkerson Grave

Calvin Jones作, ここから560メートル

 “The  Fulkerson grave is located at Rattlesnake Pass five miles west of Independence Rock and near D...

Fredrick Fulkerson Grave

C: Martins Cove - Peoples of the Sweetwater museum

Calvin Jones作, ここから860メートル

Peoples of the Sweetwater museum is one of the many exhibits that can be found at Martins Cove.“In No...

Martins Cove - Peoples of the Sweetwater museum

D: Martins Cove - Handcarts

Calvin Jones作, ここから870メートル

Handcarts at Martins Cove.  Youth groups, and visitors to Martins Cove can pull a handcart around the...

Martins Cove - Handcarts

E: Martins Cove - To the Pioneers monument

Calvin Jones作, ここから920メートル

Monument to the Pioneers that were buried at Martins cove between 1830 - 1870 on the Tom Sun ranch.

Martins Cove - To the Pioneers monument

F: Martins Cove

Calvin Jones作, 2.3kmかなた

Martins Cove

G: Martins Cove - Inside the cove

Calvin Jones作, 2.5kmかなた

 Inside Martin's Cove.  Visitors are dropped off back at the marker so they can walk into the cove wh...

Martins Cove - Inside the cove

H: Martins Cove - Entrance to the Cove

Calvin Jones作, 2.7kmかなた

Entrance to the Cove.  Visitors can walk to or catch a ride to the entrance of the cove.  This point ...

Martins Cove - Entrance to the Cove

I: Martins Cove - Old Wagon

Calvin Jones作, 2.8kmかなた

Old wagon at Martins Cove.“In November 1856, about 500 Mormon emigrants in the Martin Handcart Compan...

Martins Cove - Old Wagon

J: Martins Cove - Sweetwater Crossing Monument

Calvin Jones作, 2.8kmかなた

A monument to the rescuers that carried the emigrants across the sweetwater river.  “In November 1856...

Martins Cove - Sweetwater Crossing Monument



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