Dirgantara Statue, Jakarta

The traffic in Jakarta is legendary. In the rush hour, the roads become extremely busy. Local informal bus services alleviate some of the congestion. There are plans in the future to build a monorail across the city. The Dirgantara Statue, (Father of the Heavens Monument) created by artist Edhi Sunarso, was erected in 1965. It is also known as the “7 Up” statue because of its shape.

Copyright: Martin Broomfield
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 9256x4628
送信日: 05/10/2010
更新日: 10/06/2014


Tags: dirgantara statue; monument; bus; traffic; rush hour
  • Martin Broomfield over 1 year ago
    Hi Joe, many thanks for the comment. Keep looking out for my new work on 360cities.
  • Joe Griffin almost 2 years ago
    Great effect with the traffic. You have some fantastic panos that capture the humanity of a scene or place. Bravo.
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