Enclos paroissial guimiliau

Small town in North Finistère, Guimiliau owes its fame to its beautiful churchyard of the 16th century. He, like all the parish enclosure, consists of a church, a triumphal gate, an ossuary and Calvary. From the church built in the 16th will remain the bell (1530), the rest having been rebuilt in the flamboyant style and Renaissance in the next century.

   The south porch, dominated by a statue of St. Miliau, King of Cornwall and is dedicated to which the building is absolutely remarkable for its decoration. The arches of that recount a beautiful imagery, the Gospel and the Holy Bible. Inside the porch, stand on each side, the statues of the apostles below which runs a frieze telling us the old testament. Within the building, do not miss the sumptuous detail of carved oak baptistery of 1675.

   At the center of the enclosure rises the ordeal that could certainly qualify as one of the most beautiful in Britain. Built between 1581 and 1588, it contains 25 biblical scenes and more than 200 characters. The mace builded in a octagonal plan is supported by four buttresses pierced by an archway decorated on two levels. The lower level tells the childhood of Jesus and the early hours of the Passion, while the upper level we relate the heyday of the latter. The contruction, oriented along an east-west is surmounted by a cross in the top buboes which faces the west Christ crucified.

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