GenHe city is in the far North of china——The beautiful rosy clouds
Inner Mongolia

GenHe is in the far North of china,Inner Mongolia. It is a Northern temperate forest. It is very remote. The beautiful picture of blue water is from Genhe. GenHe was my favorite place in China until I went more North. Here the market teems with berries, forest nuts, silk worms to eat, and fresh, fresh vegetables and fruits. There is a nice resort close to GenHe, in the forest, where one can have fresh rabbit, deer, and so on. It is spectacular but very remote.

GenHe is a quiet city, We will stay in a forest lodge in GenHe. There you will hear only the sound of nature. In the far North, the scenery is beautiful, but the accommodations primitive.

360-degree panorama photography by yunzeng liu

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Copyright: Yunzen Liu
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 9000x4500
送信日: 15/02/2012
更新日: 28/05/2014


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  • ellbee over 1 year ago
    what is the name of the resort my husband and I would like to visit
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    yunzen liu
    GenHe is in the far North of china,a quiet and beautiful place
    yunzen liu
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    More About Inner Mongolia

    Short Inner Mongolia. Located in the northern frontier of China, Northwest close to Mongolia and Russia. Area of 110 square kilometers; population of 23.26 million; to the largest number of Mongolian and Han, in addition, there are Korean, Hui, Manchu, Daur, Ewenki, Oroqen and other nationalities. Region is divided into 7 Union, jurisdiction 5 prefecture-level cities; its 15 county-level cities under another jurisdiction, 17 counties, 49 flags, 3 Autonomous Banner. Its capital. Baotou, Wulanchabu, Wuhai, Hailar, Tongliao and other major cities in the region.