Kaifeng - Tower Park (Paradise St. Paul)

The iron tower park located at the Chinese Henan Province Kaifeng city's Northeast corner, is (plays an ace the scenic spot and historic resort park which by the extant iron tower temple tower) names, the area 51.24 hectares, is Chinese one of 100 family reputation gardens. The iron tower located at the iron tower park's east half, is in the garden the important cultural relic, is also the main scenic spot, built in 1049 (the Northern Song Dynasty emperor blesses in first year), was in 1961 one of our country first batch announcement national key protection cultural relics, was known as “the first under heaven tower” laudatory name. Iron tower height 55.88 meters, star anise 13, therefore once to play an ace the temple, said that “plays an ace the temple tower”, and further because the thorough brown colored glaze brick all over the body, mixes resembles strongly, from the Yuan Dynasty the folk said that it is “the iron tower”, iron tower by its outstanding chitectural art and grand beautiful physique, but is renowned at home and abroad, it designs exquisitely, used the Chinese tradition wooden -like structural style, the tower brick has played the part of by the flying apsaras, the unicorn and so on dozens of kind of designs, between the brick and the brick is similar to goes to completely the chisel, had the ditch slotted, laid on top of one another the strict perfect fitting of seams. Has completed 900 for many years, after disasters and so on flames of war, flood, earthquake, but still stands rock-firm until now, praises to the heavens make the building expert and the tourist. “receives and instructs the palace” in the iron tower front, imitates the white marble to build, is three decorative archway type imitation Song construction, the width 70 meters, the height 12 meters, about the front door on the wall, the symmetry is mounting 8 dignified, solemn and respectful, the holy blue stone god Buddha picture or statue of somebody sitting, in 1986 to consecrate the Northern Song Dynasty cultural relic “to receive and instruct Buddha” to construct. This palace rests Shan Shi for the double-eaved roof to construct, before the palace, the stone teacher is majestically located, the tripod with two handles winds around fragrant; The palace week, 24 big columns hold the palace, but is towering; The main hall station base, the blue stone parapet blocks protects, the full of beauty and significance 96 small lion encirclement dispels. “receives and instructs the palace” side is “the inspiration courtyard”. The inspiration courtyard is to consecrate the Baiyu image of Buddha to construct. In the main hall consecrates Buddha “the Baiyu image of Buddha” was in 1933 by lives abroad in Burma's overseas Chinese donation. Image of Buddha high approximately 1 meter, becomes by the entire block Baiyu fine vulture, beautiful solemn, crystal bright and clean bright, being possible be called high quality goods.

Copyright: Jacky Cheng
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 5578x2789
Taken: 02/10/2007
送信日: 08/01/2010
更新日: 03/03/2015


Tags: kaifeng; park
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