Karijini National Park - Hancock Gorge

A group of adventurous travellers decide to tackle some of the more inaccessible parts of Karijini National Park. Many of the areas of this park have restricted access and can only be reached with the use of ropes and other special equipment. Here the group is climbing out of an area known as ‘the centre of the earth’ which is the deepest part of any of the gorges in the park.

For anyone that has visited Karijini National Park this area is between the start of the restriced access of Hancock Gorge (at Kermits Pool) and Junction Pool (which can be seen from the metal platform near the car park at Hancock Gorge.

The photographer had an amazing day floating his camera equipment through the gorges of Karijini. It’s a little different seeing your expensive camera dropped down an 8 meter waterfall!

Copyright: David Rowley
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 13976x6988
送信日: 23/09/2011
更新日: 12/06/2014


Tags: karijini; national; park; hancock; gorge; pilbara
  • Elena_360Cities about 1 year ago
    David, amazing pano! Thanks for showing us this beautiful landscape. I wish to travel to Australia, maybe one day...
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    Tomasz Makarewicz
    Karijini Hancock Gorge The Chute
    Tomasz Makarewicz
    Karijini Hancock Gorge Below Regan's Pool
    Tomasz Makarewicz
    Karijini Hancock Gorge Regan's Pool
    David Rowley
    Oxer's Lookout
    Tomasz Makarewicz
    Karijini Weano Gorge Handrail Pool
    Tomasz Makarewicz
    Karijini Weano Gorge Past Handrail Pool
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    Karijini Weano Waterfall - Four Gorges
    David Rowley
    Karijini - Weano Falls
    David Rowley
    Regan's Pool
    David Rowley
    Weano Gorge Pool
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    Karijini - Kermits Pool
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    Karijini National Park - Kermit's Pool
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