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KaZantip Festival" is a huge beach territory with a great number of dancefloors, bars, restaurants and cafes, sports grounds, souvenir shops. The most popular DJs of Ukraine, Russia and other European countries come to KaZantip, where all days and nights long during a month you can enjoy disco-parties, sports activities, cinema and other entertainments. People coming to KaZantip get into a fabulous town where they have fun, relax, sunbath, swim, enjoy parties non-stop, meeting lots of young dynamic people, drinking cocktails and feel an amazing atmosphere of fun and happiness.

At the entrance to KaZantip you have to buy a "multipass" (also called viZa) — a plastic card that confirms your belonging to the Great Folk of KaZantip, which will include your photo taken right there and a personal number, so it can be used only by one person. The multipass can be bought for the whole month or just for one-time visits, the prices will be known a week before the opening, but last year the whole-months-visas cost about 1500 grivnyas — depending on time when they are bought (for opening and closing parties their prices rise).

There exist official and unofficial opening of KaZantip. The unofficial opening is held a week earlier. The advantages of this week are: a large choice for lodging, the "multipass" is cheaper and there are no queues to buy them; to disadvantages refer incomplete work of dancefloors and bars during this week.

On week-ends people from Crimean and other Ukrainian cities come to KaZantip too. But the most Kazantip’s visitors gather for opening and closing parties, when the music by famous DJs is the greatest and the firework is really bright. By day the most part of dancefloors are closed, but the dancefloor called "Meduza" is still open to let people have fun and move to coolest music non-stop.

During the whole season the holidays with challenging names take place at KaZantip: The Day of a Bubble, Fire Night, the Day of kindness’ victory against the reason, New Year (the night of 31st July to the 1st of August), and also freak-show, bodyart competitions and various flesh mobs.

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Europe is generally agreed to be the birthplace of western culture, including such legendary innovations as the democratic nation-state, football and tomato sauce.

The word Europe comes from the Greek goddess Europa, who was kidnapped by Zeus and plunked down on the island of Crete. Europa gradually changed from referring to mainland Greece until it extended finally to include Norway and Russia.

Don't be confused that Europe is called a continent without looking like an island, the way the other continents do. It's okay. The Ural mountains have steadily been there to divide Europe from Asia for the last 250 million years. Russia technically inhabits "Eurasia".

Europe is presently uniting into one political and economic zone with a common currency called the Euro. The European Union originated in 1993 and is now composed of 27 member states. Its headquarters is in Brussels, Belgium.

Do not confuse the EU with the Council of Europe, which has 47 member states and dates to 1949. These two bodies share the same flag, national anthem, and mission of integrating Europe. The headquarters of the Council are located in Strasbourg, France, and it is most famous for its European Court of Human Rights.

In spite of these two bodies, there is still no single Constitution or set of laws applying to all the countries of Europe. Debate rages over the role of the EU in regards to national sovereignty. As of January 2009, the Lisbon Treaty is the closest thing to a European Constitution, yet it has not been approved by all the EU states. 

Text by Steve Smith.