Kuhgrat in Liechtensein
Principality of Liechtenstein FL

The Kuhgrat peakis is the highest of a group of three peaks known as the Drei Schwestern which between them form part of the Austria-Liechtenstein border. It reaches a height of 2,123 metres (6,970 ft). It is an amazing hike from the Gafrei parking lot up the Fürstensteig and then to the three sisters. You have to get about 869 m up and some parts need a good equlibrium although they are secured by chains.

Copyright: Ralf E. Ulrich
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Taken: 09/09/2009
送信日: 15/09/2009
更新日: 30/09/2014


Tags: liechtenstein; hiking; drei schwestern; fürstensteig
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