Lower Shavla lake. Altay
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更新日: 11/09/2014


Tags: nature; lake; mountains; river; altay; shavla
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Ганин Александр
Shavlo mountain lake. 2010 meters above sea level.
Актёршев Юрий
Шавлинское озеро
Ганин Александр
View of Shavla lake from the nearest mountain
Ганин Александр
Stone pillars on moraine at Shavlo lake. Altai
ukushurik ukush
Shawlinskoe ozero
Ганин Александр
View of the Shavlinskoe lake from the hillside of Pyramid
Ганин Александр
Place of Left Shavla and Right Shavla rivers merge. Altay
Ганин Александр
Среднее шавлинское озеро. Алтай
Ганин Александр
Lake on the river flood Shavla
Ганин Александр
Iltiskan river crossing. Altay
Ганин Александр
Down to the valley from Oroy Pass. Altai.
Ганин Александр
Перевал Орой. Алтай
Ramin Dehdashti
Atashgah, the Zoroastrian Fire Temple
aerial panorama abbey marienmünster,germay
Milos Pec
Burroughs Mountain, WA, USA
Jann Lipka
European election - climate installation of the Green Party
Tibor Illes
Onion House Cultural centre (Hagymaház) - Theatre auditorium - planning Imre Makovecz
Igor Marx
Strawberry Panorama
Ioannis Koukourakis
Old Port Walk
Carel Struycken
Pasadena Cityhall Courtyard
Dmitry Sverdlov
Mountain Cat
Uwe Buecher
Camposanto Monumentale, Pisa
Alexander Saranchuk
Crossroad bl. Shevchenko - Pushkinskaya st. - Premier Palace Hotel - Kiev - Ukraine
Manuel Gine
Ганин Александр
Dsc03912 Panorama Equi
Ганин Александр
Four Brothers rock. Belokurikha
Ганин Александр
May Day bike ride 2012. The road through the pass
Ганин Александр
XI may bike ride. Uzhur house of Culture
Ганин Александр
Pond in the northern district of Khabarovsk
Ганин Александр
Лыжня России 2011. Старт VIP гонки . Новосибирск.
Ganin Alexandr
Road along Biya river near Kebezen. Altay Mountains
Ганин Александр
Dsc02917 Dsc02938 15000
Ганин Александр
Отдых велотуристов зимой. Остров Тань-Вань, обское море. Новосибирск
Ganin Alexandr
XI May Day Bike Ride.Gathering at Ujur
Ганин Александр
Sunny meadow. Belokurikha
Ганин Александр
May day bike ride 2012. Sarasa river
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