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Type: Cylindrical
Resolution: 16952x2071
送信日: 12/01/2012
更新日: 25/04/2012


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massi massinissa
lakhdaria 360°
Keskas Ossama
Andrea Biffi
Algiers port
Andrea Biffi
Gare d'Alger
Andrea Biffi
Andrea Biffi
Willy Kaemena
Andrea Biffi
Algiers Grand Post Office
Andrea Biffi
Alger by night
Andrea Biffi
Alger - jardin de l'horloge florale
Michał Celewicz
Algier - Cytadela 2007
Andrea Biffi
Hotel El-Aurassi in Algiers
Hiroharu Shizuya
Matsuo mine apartment group ruins 4F
Andrea Biffi
Piotr Rymer
Polish golden autumn 3 at oliwa park
Ueno Ameyoko
Andrea Biffi
Via Mala
Hiroharu Shizuya
Iroha slope
Willy Kaemena
Weser Tower Bremen Germany
Piotr Rymer
Polish golden autumn
Furman Artjem
Dead Sea
Atila Bezdan
Mali Stapar Lock and Sluice
Roger Berry
Delhi Spice Marker narrow side street.
Butch Cronin
World War ll Memorial
rabah ouardi
More About Africa

Welcome to Africa, AKA the motherland! Check out African Internet Radio while you're scoping the panoramas.The earliest fossil of the homo sapiens family (human beings) was found in Ethiopia, dating back more than 200,000 years. Compared to this length of time, even the "ancient Sumerians" from 6000 B.C. are drooling toddlers.Let's mention a few African heroes you may have heard of, for inspiration in the face of the continued economic inequality and violence which plague Africa today: Nelson Mandela, first democratically elected President of South Africa, who fought against apartheid and served 27 years in prison while advocating freedom and peace. Haile Salassie, Emperor of Ethiopia, who resisted Mussolini and the fascist Italian invasion of WWII, and who is worshipped as an incarnation of God by the Rastafari movement. Kwame Nkrumah, first Prime Minister of Ghana, advocate of uniting Africa in Pan-Africanism. Fela Kuti, inventor of Afrobeat music, who declared his home to be an independent state, ran for president of Nigeria, and to whose funeral ONE MILLION PEOPLE came to pay their respects.In June 2001 the African Union was formed, consisting of 53 African States organized, like in the EU, around common economic and political development.Text by Steve Smith.