Turin watched from the Mole Antonelliana
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  • Alessandro 11 months ago
    Molti turisti non sanno che a Torino c'è;è il secondo Museo Egizio per importanza e numero di reperti al mondo, dopo quello de Il Cairo, con papiri, statue imponenti, mummie e sarcofagi. Solo quello, senza contare la vicina Reggia di Venaria, Palazzo Reale, i palazzi eleganti del centro e i bar storici in stile Ottocento, vale una visita alla città. Many tourist don't know that Turin has the n.2 Egyptian Museum for relevance and number of artifacts in the world, n.1 is at Il Cairo, with papyrus, impressing statues, mummies and sarcophagi. Only this museum, not mentioning the near Reggia di Venaria, the Royal Palace, the elegant palaces of the historic center and the cafes in nineteenth century style, is worth a visit to the city.
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    Roberto Scavino
    Mole Antonelliana, the temple under the pinnacle
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    The Mole and the National Cinema Museum
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    La Mole Antonelliana vista da via Riberi
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    Monumental Cemetery, infrared panorama
    More About Turin

    Capital as well as cultural and business center of the Piedmont region, Turin is famous as headquarters of Fiat and Lancia, birthplace of Telecom Italia and Rai television and host of the 2006 Winter Olympics. Turin has a modern public transport infrastructure so it is easy to get to architectural sites and museums, most notably the Mole Antonelliana, which is the home of the National Cinema Museum. Home to Torino and Juventus, two historical italian football teams, the region is famous as the birth place of solid chocolate over 200 years ago. Gianduiotto is perhaps the most famous Turin chocolate currently in production.