Monument of a Memory
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Monument of a Memory

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Victim of the August 2009 Station Fire in the Angeles National Forest 30 miles north of LA.  Disaster for man and beast, although at the same time a rebirth for forest and flora.

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Los Angeles付近のパノラマ


A: Mt. Lukens North Face

Pete Babij作, ここから340メートル

Almost 3 years after the Station Fire, a major forest fire, the forest is recovering nicely. The ecos...

Mt. Lukens North Face

B: Toasted Forest

Pete Babij作, 4.4kmかなた

Aftermath of the August 2009 Station Fire in the San Gabriel Mountains. It looked pretty bad but gras...

Toasted Forest

C: CCC Ridge on Angeles Crest Highway

Pete Babij作, 5.6kmかなた

Almost 3 years after the Station Fire, a major forest fire, the forest is recovering nicely. The ecos...

CCC Ridge on Angeles Crest Highway

D: Angeles Forest 4 Months After August 2009 Fire

Pete Babij作, 5.7kmかなた

near HWY 2 and County Road N-3 intersection 4 months after station fire in San Gabriel Mountains.

Angeles Forest 4 Months After August 2009 Fire

E: Persistence

Pete Babij作, 6.3kmかなた

Almost a year after the Station fire, winter rains have managed to awaken grass seeds that survived t...


F: Benchmark

Pete Babij作, 6.9kmかなた

View from a turnout on the Angeles Crest Highway. Only 4 months after the Station fire of August 2009...


G: Angeles Crest Highway

Pete Babij作, 6.9kmかなた

North side of the Angeles Crest Highway at a scenic pull off. Angeles Crest Highway winds it's way th...

Angeles Crest Highway

H: Resilient Pines

Pete Babij作, 6.9kmかなた

These trees barely made it through the Station Fire of August 2009 in the San Gabriel Mountains. The ...

Resilient Pines

I: Rebirth After the Fire

Pete Babij作, 7.0kmかなた

View from Clear Creek Junction in the Angeles National Forest almost 2 years after the Station Fires ...

Rebirth After the Fire

J: Upper Arroyo Seco

Carel Struycken作, 8.2kmかなた

In the early 1900s, the Arroyo Seco was a popular outing for the people of Pasadena and greater Los A...

Upper Arroyo Seco

このパノラマはLos Angelesで撮影されました

これはLos Angeles領域の概要です

Overview and History

Alllllrightie now, here's your soundtrack. Please click on "Hollywood" before you make another move. "LA Woman" is next up on your playlist.

Quick math lesson:

"If you've got it, flaunt it. If you don't got it, invent it and then flaunt it."

Los Angeles is the second biggest city in the USA, it's in Southern California where you can go surfing or snowboarding whenever you want, and it means "City of Angels."

LA was first named in 1781 by a Spanish governor who called it "El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de la Porciuncula", which means you need to go back to Spanish class.

I mean, "The Village of our Lady the Queen of the Angels of Porziuncula." (The Porzincula part refers to a chapel in Italy dating back to the fourth century AD, not a native American tribe or anything local.)

Mexico inherited Los Angeles when it won its independence from Spanish rule in 1821. Twenty-five years later LA became part of the United States territory in the treaty that ended the Mexican-American War. California became a state of the US soon after, and LA started getting excited for the arrival of Jim Morrison and the Doors.

Railroads laid track to LA in 1876, which was very convenient for transporting the oil supply which was discovered in 1892 and Pow! The economy took off. With that, the population exploded, everybody ran out of water, you know, the usual story.

Now that I think about it, LA has documented this story in a TV series called "The Beverly Hillbilles." Just watch the opening credits and you'll get the whole concept. This was one of the longest-running and most popular TV shows ever made in the States, which is why most Americans will think "swimming pools... movie stars..." when you say "Callyfurnia."

And LA is where the TV and movies come from, specifically Hollywood, or Tinseltown, in the Hollywood Hills. This is where it all comes from, dancing pictures across the silver screen! If you've watched American TV, you've seen it. Here's the Bat Cave from "Batman".

The first movie made in Hollywood dates to 1910, ("In Old California") and the first western TV station began broadcasting there in 1947.

Oh, by the way, LA sits on the San Andreas geologic fault line. Fault lines are prone to earthquakes, and everybody expects LA to fall into the ocean someday.

Getting There

As soon as the wheels touch the ground, the cellphones flip open and you start overhearing people loudly telling everyone what their next appointment is. That's how you know you're in LA. The phone doesn't even have to be on.

LAX is the main airport where it all goes down. Shuttle buses connect the airport to the city's Metro Green Line.


LA is a driving city; you need a car so you have a place to sit while you are waiting in traffic. Worst traffic jams and road rage on earth.

Contrary to popular belief, they actually do have a public transportation system with buses and a metro and everything in LA. Fares cost $1.25 for a single ride, $5.00 for a day pass, if you're interested. See, the thing is you need a window you can roll down to flip people the bird.

Visit the LA Union Station just to see one of the last great railway stations, as it's known.

People and Culture

Rock and roll! Do you know what that means? That means you can do whatever the hell you want, really loud, and it should probably bounce up and down at some point... sort of like the Baroque Period, but instead of gold you can use neon and breast implants too. They both bounce a lot better than gold, anyway.

Charles Mingus, The Doors, The Mothers of Invention, Guns N' Roses, Public Enemy, N.W.A, Snoop Dogg

These people did not get there by asking anyone else for permission, see what I'm saying? Dr. Dre's classic album "The Chronic" will instruct you in everything else you need to know about L.A.

Famous L.A. writers who did the same thing but on paper: Charles Bukowski, Raymond Chandler, John Fante.

Q:How do you say, "F--- You" in LA?

A: "Call me."

Things to do & Recommendations

Disneyland is a massively popular vacation destination, especially for people with children. Walt Disney was the pioneer of animation who created Mickey Mouse, Bambi, Cinderalla and some interesting WWII training films.

Architecture: Disney's Concert Hall designed by Frank Gehry. For more architecture, look up the architect Frank Lloyd Wright and visit some of the residences he built.

For some of the artistic flavor of LA, you can do lunch at Casbah Cafe on Sunset Boulevard, and catch some live jazz at Spazio.

Absorb the genius of Diego Rivera in the LA County Museum of Art, and then ask yourself how you will do something to keep up with him and Batman. Thank you L.A.!

Text by Steve Smith.