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Österport, the East Gate, is one of the main gates in the city wall of Visby. Just outside is the modern town center of Visby. Hästgatan running west from here was once one of the main streets of Visby with much traffic. It is now closed for cars and in the summer crowded with tourists. The buildings on each side are from the sixties and seventies. It was much debated if they were suitable replacements for the older buildings.

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A: DBW's Bank

Lennart Mollerstrom作, ここから150メートル

DBW's Bank

B: Trappgatan

Lennart Mollerstrom作, ここから190メートル

This lookout point is located at Trappgatan on the edge of "Klinten" which is the higher northern par...


C: Saint Catherin's Ruin

Lennart Mollerstrom作, ここから240メートル

Saint Karins ruin is the remains of a Franciscan monastery founded in 1233. It was a monastery until ...

Saint Catherin's Ruin

D: Stora Torget, Visby

Lennart Mollerstrom作, ここから270メートル

Stora Torget means "the Great Square" was until some decades ago the center of the town. There was a ...

Stora Torget, Visby

E: Visby Cathedral

Lennart Mollerstrom作, ここから320メートル

Visby Cathedral

F: From inside the ruins of St. Trinitatis

Linus Tolke作, ここから330メートル

The church was built in 1240 for the Germans in the central congregation in Visby. After the Protesta...

From inside the ruins of St. Trinitatis

G: Saint Hans's Ruin

Lennart Mollerstrom作, ここから340メートル

Saint Hans's Ruin

H: Visby Cathedral, Saint Mary

Lennart Mollerstrom作, ここから350メートル

Visby Cathedral, Saint Mary

I: Dalmanstornet

Lennart Mollerstrom作, ここから380メートル


J: Donnersplats

Lennart Mollerstrom作, ここから400メートル




Visby was a member of the medieval German trade association the Hansa and is now a popular place for tourists. Visby is on the UNESCO list of world heritage centers since 1995.