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Ouvea Tour Shark Nursery Walk

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Antoine uses a stick to draw explanations of shark behavior in the sand and to point out the small dark shadows of baby sharks swimming in the shark nursery on the northernmost tip of Ouvea. He says that long ago his ancestors were shark worshipers and considered the sharks to be reincarnations of their ancestors. He takes visitors on a 6 km round trip walk from St. Joseph along the beach to the shallow cut where sharks come to have their young. Along the way - coming and going - he tells the visitors about the traditional use of the local plants and gives a demonstration of fishing techniques. To find out about joining his expedition, see the Ouvea section of the New Caledonia Travel guide.

Here is the official Destination Iles Loyalte website on Ouvea, Loyalty Islands

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Ouvea Loyalty Islands New Caledonia付近のパノラマ


A: Ouvea Island Tour Nemik Shark Nursery

Richard Chesher作, ここから770メートル

Walk along the pure white sand beach of northern Ouvea to the shark nursery at Nemic. On the way your...

Ouvea Island Tour Nemik Shark Nursery

B: Ouvea St. Joseph Church

Richard Chesher作, 4.9kmかなた

The Church at St. Joseph, on the northern part of Ouvea Atoll, is the largest church on Ouvea. It is ...

Ouvea St. Joseph Church

C: Ouvea Festival Dancers

Richard Chesher作, 5.2kmかなた

The community of Bunaca on Ouvea put on the first annual Yam Festival in July 2009. Bunaca and St. Jo...

Ouvea Festival Dancers

D: Ouvea Walei Yam Festival

Richard Chesher作, 5.2kmかなた

The community of Bunaca on Ouvea put on the first annual Yam Festival in July 2009. The three day fes...

Ouvea Walei Yam Festival

E: Ouvea Lekiny Pass

Richard Chesher作, 32.4kmかなた

Ouvea is an atoll made up of many islands. Two of the largest islands, Mouly and Fayaoué, are separat...

Ouvea Lekiny Pass

F: Ouvea Paradis Beach Low Tide

Richard Chesher作, 32.6kmかなた

Low tide on the northeastern end of Paradis Beach in Ouvea - a vast expanse of sand rippled by the so...

Ouvea Paradis Beach Low Tide

G: Ouvea Paradis Beach Footprints

Richard Chesher作, 32.6kmかなた

Footprints in the sands of paradise, washed clean each tide by the sea.Here is our planet in full spl...

Ouvea Paradis Beach Footprints

H: ニューカレドニア ハネムーン

Richard Chesher作, 32.7kmかなた

ニューカレドニア ハネムーン ニューカレドニア ウベア 「日本での慌しい生活を忘れさせてくれる楽園に感激」 (ウヴェアを訪れて青い空、白い砂浜、透きとおった海に感動しました。美しい風景というのは いつま...

ニューカレドニア ハネムーン

I: Ouvea Lekiny Cliffs Arrival

Richard Chesher作, 32.7kmかなた

Ouvea is an old atoll, tilted up on the southeastern side by a rise in the sea floor over a million y...

Ouvea Lekiny Cliffs Arrival

J: Ouvea Paradis Beach Photo

Richard Chesher作, 32.7kmかなた

A young couple from France takes their own photo just off the Paradis Beach on the atoll of Ouvea in ...

Ouvea Paradis Beach Photo

このパノラマはOuvea Loyalty Islands New Caledoniaで撮影されました

これはOuvea Loyalty Islands New Caledonia領域の概要です

Ouvea Atoll is the northernmost of the four Loyalty Islands. The eastern side of the atoll was uplifted millions of years ago so the whole eastern side forms one long narrow coral island with one of the world's most spectacular white sand beaches along the proctected lagoon.

Ouvea is a 40 minute flight from Noumea, New Caledonia aboard Air Caledonie's new ATR turboprop planes. There is one 4 star Ouvea hotel - the Paradis d'Ouvea - two "Gites" and 6 "tribal stay" accommodation. There are also two managed campsites.

Ouvea is popular with visitors - especially Japanese visitors - primarily because of the breathtaking beauty of the beach, but also because of the clear protected waters and coral reefs that offer great diving, interesting walks and annual festivals to attend.

Two distinct cultural groups live on Ouvea, the Polynesian speaking people of the northern villages and the Melanesian speaking people of the southern villages. All of them also speak French and are French citizens because New Caledonia is part of France.