Guanfeng Hill Road, Guiyang
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Guanfeng Hill Road, Guiyang

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Guizhou Province付近のパノラマ


A: Guanfeng Hill trails

hezhichen作, ここから70メートル

Guanfeng Hill trails

B: Guanfeng Hill pavilion

hezhichen作, ここから100メートル

Guanfeng Hill pavilion

C: Nanming River,Jia Xiulou,Guiyang

hezhichen作, ここから410メートル

Nanming River,Jia Xiulou,Guiyang

D: cuiweiyuan

kmnet作, ここから470メートル



E: jiaxiu Pavilion(甲秀楼)

kmnet作, ここから540メートル

jiaxiu Pavilion(甲秀楼)

I: Courtesy door, Fufeng Hill, Guiyang

he jiye作, 1.5kmかなた

Courtesy door, Fufeng Hill, Guiyang

J: Hanlin Academy, Fufeng Hill, Guiyang

he jiye作, 1.5kmかなた

Hanlin Academy, Fufeng Hill, Guiyang

このパノラマはGuizhou Provinceで撮影されました

これはGuizhou Province領域の概要です

Guizhou Province, the "Guizhou"or"expensive ", located in southwest China's southeast, the provincial capital of Guiyang. East border of Hunan, Guangxi, south, west Yunnan, Sichuan and Chongqing, the north, between longitude 103 ° 36'-109 ° 35 ', latitude 24 ° 37'-29 ° 13 ', between what the province is about 595 Km north-south distance of about 509 km with a total area of 176,167 square kilometers, accounting for 1.8% of land area. Guizhou is a beautiful landscape and pleasant weather, many nationalities, rich resources and huge development potential of the provinces, there Huangguoshu Falls, Chishui scenic spots, Libo Zhangjiang, site of the Zunyi Meeting, Fanjingshan other historical sites.