Jimbe. View Majada crops or Santa Rosa

Jimbe (Ancash, Peru, 2012). View Majada crops or Santa Rosa, head of the Barrio Primavera (Spring Quarter). Most crops in the district is dedicated to pasture and species of bread wear.

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更新日: 11/04/2013


Tags: jimbe; ancash; peru; countryside; santa; rosa; majada
  • Isabel Lúcar Solar over 1 year ago
    Rodo, tan solo conozco Santa Rosa, Huanca y Palillo...pero con todas las fotos impresionantes que capturas...siento como que si hubiera estado alguna vez por esos preciosos lugares...
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    Edmundo Paz Torres
    Primavera (spring) quarter
    Edmundo Paz Torres
    Panorama at front of the boardwalk - Jimbe
    Edmundo Paz Torres
    Malecón sobre el precipicio de Cacapaqui
    Edmundo Paz Torres
    Back street Luzuriaga in Jimbe Peru
    Edmundo Paz Torres
    Barrio Primavera de Jimbe
    Edmundo Paz Torres
    Neighborhood Primavera (Springs) at level of Romero's store
    Edmundo Paz Torres
    Malecón o mirador en Jimbe Perú
    Edmundo Paz Torres
    Malecón Cacapaqui con vista a Huanca
    Edmundo Paz Torres
    Mirador Primavera (antiguo Cacapaqui)
    Edmundo Paz Torres
    Iglesia de Jimbe, interior
    Edmundo Paz Torres
    Jimbe - Main Avenue - Near at church
    Edmundo Paz Torres
    Catholic church of Jimbe
    Fritz Hanke
    Dockside Crane in Zurich
    Luciano Covolo
    Covolo di Lusiana - parete del Soio
    yunzen liu
    Henan celestial Mountain(Tianjieshan)Scenic Area——the Ladder in the sky
    Daniel Oi
    Cantilupe Chantry, Lincoln Cathedral, England
    Ian Chappel
    Foreland Point Lighthouse
    Daniel Christaldi
    Gran Turismo - R35 in Ronda Spain
    Christian Bersano
    Nosy Be Heure Bleue Bungalow Luxe
    Nikolay Isaev
    phangan sunset 2 by IN
    Ned Chiariello
    Mac Alpine's Soda Fountain
    luis davilla
    manhattan from empire state building. new york
    Alexandre Militão
    Parque da Ermida Dom Bosco
    Branimir Minkov
    Ottoman Tekija in Blagaj near Mostar
    Edmundo Paz Torres
    Pampagrande Waca at southern Jimbe (formattive pyramide)
    Edmundo Paz Torres
    Peruvian Consulate in Seville
    Edmundo Paz Torres
    Torrecillas mounth, 1919 m. Andalucía, Spain
    Edmundo Paz Torres
    Parque de la Familia de Jimbe (Family place)
    Edmundo Paz Torres
    Runners at Cuesta Manelli beach, Matalascañas
    Edmundo Paz Torres
    The family park - Jimbe Peru
    Edmundo Paz Torres
    The Caravan restaurante of Jimbe
    Edmundo Paz Torres
    Road to village of Cosma - Jimbe Peru
    Edmundo Paz Torres
    Edmundo Paz Torres
    Vivero Forestal Chimbote 2
    Edmundo Paz Torres
    Huanca river in rain time
    Edmundo Paz Torres
    Main place of Jimbe, platform flat raising 3
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