sakura at night
Copyright: Kiyoharu takamura
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 11664x5832
送信日: 24/03/2013
更新日: 24/04/2014


Tags: kadoike; reservoir; pond; sakura; cherry blossoms; cherry tree
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    素晴らしいパノラマですね(^^)/ まだ色々判りませんがよろしくm(_ _)m
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    kiyoharu takamura
    kado reservoir
    kiyoharu takamura
    kouchou-ji 2
    kiyoharu takamura
    kouchou-ji 1
    kiyoharu takamura
    SunnyRock Numazu equipment shop
    kiyoharu takamura
    SunnyRock Numazu
    kiyoharu takamura
    Ayutsubo no taki (waterfall)
    kiyoharu takamura
    Ayutobo suspension bridge
    kiyoharu takamura
    HONDA Z (PA-1)
    kiyoharu takamura
    1st observatory
    bibouroku tabito
    Kakita River spring group. The first observatory.
    kiyoharu takamura
    Genpei-gawa river 3
    bibouroku tabito
    Kakita River spring group. The second observatory
    Tord Remme
    Midnight sun seen from Bremnes, Bodø
    David Rowley
    Vik Church Iceland
    Timo Steinbach
    Skeyemap, s.r.o.
    Donovaly - Habakuky
    Musa Khan
    Stefan Schrader
    Wildenstein - Sächsische Schweiz
    Jan Vrsinsky
    Skogafoss Waterfall
    Roman Efimoff
    Smotrovaya Day
    Перед алтарём/Before the altar
    epoca libera
    Averof Building Peristyle
    Pavle Novak
    Prvic Sepurine
    Torsten Schmeling
    kiyoharu takamura
    Hakone ARSR
    kiyoharu takamura
    Muroiwadou 2
    kiyoharu takamura
    summit station
    kiyoharu takamura
    kiyoharu takamura
    JR 東京駅北口
    kiyoharu takamura
    slow house villa
    kiyoharu takamura
    kiyoharu takamura
    kakitagawa museum front
    kiyoharu takamura
    idenken front
    kiyoharu takamura
    kiyoharu takamura
    Mt.fuji 3255m
    kiyoharu takamura
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