Varese: Castle Visconti San Vito in Somma Lombardo - Main Gate

The Castello Visconti in Somma Lombardo is a large building enlarged in particular in 15th century by Francesco and Guido Visconti. In the two subsequent centuries it was further improved and it changed his destination in order to became more and more a somptuous villa. It is well preserved with important and beautifully decorated rooms. The 360 photo shows the main entrance to the castle with the protecting postern.

Copyright: Pietro Madaschi
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 10128x5064
Taken: 20/11/2011
送信日: 13/03/2012
更新日: 27/03/2015


Tags: italia; italy; lombardia; lombardy; varese; somma lombardo; visconti; san vito; middle age; medioevo; postern; gate; pusterla
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