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Golden Palace in Wudang Mountains, Hubei,World Heritage

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The Wudang Mountains also known as Wu Tang Shan or simply Wudang, are a small mountain range in the Hubei province of China, just to the south of the manufacturing city of Shiyan. The monasteries and buildings were made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.

 The Golden Hall (Jindian or Jinding), situated at the top of Tianzhu Peak (1612m), is one of the most distinctive landmarks in Wudangshan. Built entirely of gilded copper (an incredible 20 tons of fine copper, and 300 kilograms of gold), the hall is one of the biggest gilded copper temples in China.

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    このパノラマはHubei Provinceで撮影されました

    これはHubei Province領域の概要です

    Hubei Province, called "E"for the People's Republic of provincial administrative regions. Hubei Province in central China, the Yangtze River, Dongting Lake and
    the north, between latitude 29 ° 05 'to 33 ° 20 ', longitude 108 ° 21 'to 116 ° 07 '; north of Henan Province, Anhui Province, east, southeast and south O
    Jiangxi and Hunan provinces, west of Chongqing Municipality, Shaanxi Province, adjacent to the northwest. 740 km long from east to north-south width of 470 km, an area of 185,900 square kilometers, accounting for 1.95% of total area, ranking 13th. The capital is the only central region vice provincial cities - Wuhan City.