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Panorama's in de omgeving van Inner Mongolia


B: 20130801 Sand&grassland in summer

door fish4fish, 3.0 hier vandaan

20130801 Sand&grassland in summer

C: 20130801 countryside in summer

door fish4fish, 3.2 hier vandaan

20130801 countryside in summer

D: 20130803 Grasslands in summer

door fish4fish, 9.5 hier vandaan

20130803 Grasslands in summer

E: 20130731 Rising sun at grasslands in summer

door fish4fish, 95.0 hier vandaan

20130731 Rising sun at grasslands in summer

F: 20130805 gobi desert near the Yellow River

door fish4fish, 112.2 hier vandaan

20130805 gobi desert near the Yellow River

G: 中國宁夏沙湖國家5A级景区

door East VR 胡耀鸣, 143.7 hier vandaan



H: 中國宁夏沙湖國家5A级景区

door East VR 胡耀鸣, 144.0 hier vandaan

中國宁夏沙湖國家5A级景区:    沙湖生态旅游区以其独特优美的自然景观和得天独厚的旅游资源日益受到海内外人士的关注,胡锦涛、江泽民等国家领导人先后亲临沙湖,江泽民还亲笔为景区题写了“沙湖”二字。200...


I: 成吉思汗陵

door sun-debin, 156.8 hier vandaan



J: Inside The Mud House

door Maurizio Romano, 156.9 hier vandaan

The name of this village is Tianji Zhang  and is not far from the city YinChuan. Here people still li...

Inside The Mud House

Dit panorama is genomen in Inner Mongolia

Dit is een overzicht van Inner Mongolia

Short Inner Mongolia. Located in the northern frontier of China, Northwest close to Mongolia and Russia. Area of 110 square kilometers; population of 23.26 million; to the largest number of Mongolian and Han, in addition, there are Korean, Hui, Manchu, Daur, Ewenki, Oroqen and other nationalities. Region is divided into 7 Union, jurisdiction 5 prefecture-level cities; its 15 county-level cities under another jurisdiction, 17 counties, 49 flags, 3 Autonomous Banner. Its capital. Baotou, Wulanchabu, Wuhai, Hailar, Tongliao and other major cities in the region.

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