Asia-Africa Conference Building
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Panoramische foto door Irfan Kusfany Ardiwidjaya Genomen 22:55, 18/06/2010 - Views loading...


Asia-Africa Conference Building

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Asia-Africa Conference is Held in this Building, and become a heritage building of Bandung

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A: Museum of The Asian African Conference

door idVR360, 10 hier vandaan

This is the very building where The Asian-African Conference was held back in April 1955. Now, the bu...

Museum of The Asian African Conference

B: Savoy Homann - Bandung, Indonesia

door Irfan Kusfany Ardiwidjaya, 40 hier vandaan

Savoy Homann is the historical hotel in Bandung, Indonesia.

Savoy Homann - Bandung, Indonesia

C: Gedung Merdeka, Bandung

door Chandra Mirtamiharja, 70 hier vandaan

Merdeka Building (Indonesian: Gedung Merdeka) is an art-deco building in Jalan Asia-Afrika, Bandung, ...

Gedung Merdeka, Bandung

D: Gedung Merdeka, Bandung

door Chandra Mirtamiharja, 90 hier vandaan

Formerly named Societeit Concordia. Completely renovated in 1926 by Wolff Schoemacher, Aalbers and Va...

Gedung Merdeka, Bandung

E: Crossing Bridge, Alun-alun, Bandung

door Chandra Mirtamiharja, 220 hier vandaan

Crossing Bridge, Alun-alun, Bandung

F: Old Theater Building at Bandung City Center (Alun-alun)

door idVR360, 270 hier vandaan

The building in the middle used to be a theater, not just a regular theater, but one of the first the...

Old Theater Building at Bandung City Center (Alun-alun)

G: The Great Mosque of Bandung

door idVR360, 320 hier vandaan

The Great Mosgque of Bandung was first build in 1925, and has been renovated and remodeled several ti...

The Great Mosque of Bandung

H: Bandung from The Grand Mosque Tower

door Chandra Mirtamiharja, 350 hier vandaan

Since its establishment in 1910, The Grand Mosque has been reformed several times and lost its origin...

Bandung from The Grand Mosque Tower

I: Kampung Braga, Bandung

door Chandra Mirtamiharja, 420 hier vandaan

A small, densely populated residential, situated between Braga Street and Cikapundung river.

Kampung Braga, Bandung

J: Gamelan Sunda

door Jack Daniel, 730 hier vandaan

Gamelan is a traditional music instrument. Consist of panerus, jenglong, goong, bonang, saron, and ot...

Gamelan Sunda

Dit panorama is genomen in Indonesia, Asia

Dit is een overzicht van Asia

Asia is the biggest continent on Earth, a darling little gem floating around in space.

Hm, what is Asia? Who's in on it?

China and India are safe bets for Asian nations. Korea, Japan, Thailand, you're fine.

Europe? No. Europe would sort of be on the "Asian continent" if not for those pesky Ural mountains dividing things up in the middle, and then also the whole lineage of kings and wealth and nations and the EU and all that "give me my respect" stuff.
Russia would probably be happiest as its own continent, so for now we'll leave it in "Eurasia" and just hope the natural gas supplies keep flowing.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are dang close to Asia, but politically they show up in "Middle East" news stories an awful lot. Verdict: Eurasia.

I guess we'll actually have to consider everything from Turkey on eastward to be "Eurasian", although the moniker seems overlappitory of the territory.

The Asian economy is now officially raging like a wild furnace of lava that consumes everything in its path. Japan has had the largest individual economy in Asia for decades, but it is forecast that both India and China will outstrip Japan within twenty years.

China is the largest holder of United States debt and is positioned to become the world's next superpower, provided that Godzilla doesn't return and decide to stomp everybody back into the Shang Dynasty.

Text by Steve Smith.

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