Rallycross of Bergerac

Xavier Briffaud, first victory!

Xavier Briffaud, 22 years, began in Rallycross Logan Cup last year.

Third in the final in 2008, he won his first race

Bergerac-Faux adopting the winning David Olivier ...

After the rain of Châteauroux-St Maur fortnight ago, the weather which

hosted the third round in Bergerac-Faux in Périgord. A very

technical route on the hillside. Since the timed tests, Xavier Briffaud

was the fastest. He went on to first and second round

race, capture the pole position of the A final on Sunday from noon. It remained

to know that is positioned to the left for this final run. Three pilots

eligible: Maximilien Eveno, Adrien Cazalas and David Olivier,

strong leader in the Logan Cup in 2009, only fourth in terms of both

first rounds. Through the third fastest time in final

round, David Olivier acquire space in the first line of the final A.

Just behind and Olivier Briffaud there was Adrien Cazalas and Maximilian

Eveno. Flash of red from the final A, Xavier Briffaud perfectly

started. Better, he gradually made a good lead on David Olivier obligé

to contain the attacks of Adrien Cazalas. David Olivier reached

retain its second place, two seconds behind second 276/1000e Xavier Briffaud imperial throughout the six laps back Briffaud Xavier even at three points by David Olivier in the provisional rankings ...

Copyright: Didier Rodrigue
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 9436x4718
Taken: 21/06/2009
Geüpload: 23/07/2009
Geüpdatet: 18/09/2014
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Tags: rallycross; circuit; course automobile; bergerac
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