Canelli - The underground cathedral o...
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Canelli - The underground cathedral of wine

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These cellars are italian national monument by the year 2011

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Panorama's in de omgeving van Langhe & Roero


A: Canelli - The underground cathedral

door Oscar Sulima, 410 hier vandaan

The underground cellar owned by Contratto in Canelli, also named the 'underground cathedral', can sto...

Canelli - The underground cathedral

B: Canelli - The underground cathedral Bosca

door Sergio Bobbio, 530 hier vandaan

Canelli - The underground cathedral Bosca

C: Parish church of San Tommaso in Canelli

door Sergio Bobbio, 610 hier vandaan

La chiesa parrocchiale di San Tommaso ha origini antiche,i primi documenti che la citano risalgono me...

Parish church of San Tommaso in Canelli

D: MU.S.A South Asti District Multimedia Museum (Museo Multimediale Sud Astigiano)

door Sergio Bobbio, 640 hier vandaan

Not only does MU.S.A. (South Asti District Multimedia Museum) tell the story of a town and a territor...

MU.S.A South Asti District Multimedia Museum (Museo Multimediale Sud Astigiano)

E: Canelli, San Leonardo square

door Sergio Bobbio, 670 hier vandaan

Canelli, San Leonardo square

F: Canelli Old Cellar

door Oscar Sulima, 690 hier vandaan

Old cellar, part of the historic cellars owned by Contrattos wine, located in Canelli, Italy

Canelli Old Cellar

G: Contratto

door jitkov, 740 hier vandaan

The old cellar of Contratto vinery


H: Tower of "Contini" in Canelli

door Sergio Bobbio, 2.2 hier vandaan

L'antica "torre dei Contini" di Canelli un tempo segnava i confini della città. Si trova in uno punto...

Tower of "Contini" in Canelli

I: Castle and square of Moasca

door Sergio Bobbio, 5.3 hier vandaan

“…è una rocca del XIV secolo, fiancheggiata a levante da due enormi torrioni altissimi e rotondi, le ...

Castle and square of Moasca

J: Monastero Bormida, main square

door Sergio Bobbio, 8.1 hier vandaan

«Monastero - da Monesté - la singolare terra posta fra il Monferrato e le Langhe, che tiene il castel...

Monastero Bormida, main square

Dit panorama is genomen in Langhe & Roero

Dit is een overzicht van Langhe & Roero

Tanaro river flows between these two hilly areas and separates them: the Langhe lie to the south and east of the river, Roero to the north.

The town of Alba can be considered the cultural and economic capital of both territories famous for their wines, cheeses and truffles. A large number of medieval and baroque castles punctuate the surrounding hills.

Two of the greatest Italian writers of the 20th century were born in this area: the stories of Beppe Fenoglio and Cesare Pavese are inextricably linked to the history among these hills of anti-fascist resistance.

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