Fresh Market Entrance
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Panoramische foto door Richard Drew EXPERT Genomen 10:36, 08/10/2009 - Views loading...


Fresh Market Entrance

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Cermak Fresh Market Grocery store entrance, Aurora, Illinois

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A: Cermak Fresh Market - Rear of store

door Richard Drew, 30 hier vandaan

Cermak Fresh Market - Rear of store

B: Cermak Fresh Market Grocery Store Checkout

door Richard Drew, 50 hier vandaan

Cermak Fresh Market Grocery Store, Aurora, Illinois,  Checkout lanes

Cermak Fresh Market Grocery Store Checkout

C: Nelson Lake Marsh Natural Area

door Thomas Henneman, 7.9 hier vandaan

This image was captured along my favorite trail in Kane County - the western side of Nelson Lake Mars...

Nelson Lake Marsh Natural Area

D: Batavia Riverwalk Pavilion

door Thomas Henneman, 8.1 hier vandaan

This view was taken from the Batavia Riverwalk Pavilion in downtown Batavia, Illinois.  Great fall co...

Batavia Riverwalk Pavilion

E: Dick Young Forest Preserve Restored Prairie

door Thomas Henneman, 8.4 hier vandaan

This is the Dick Young Forest Preserve restored prairie four miles west of Batavia, Illinois.  Visibl...

Dick Young Forest Preserve Restored Prairie

F: Fermilab - Tractricious Sculpture

door Richard Drew, 8.7 hier vandaan

One of the famous Fermilab Sculptures - to quote their information: "The structure is comprised of 16...

Fermilab - Tractricious Sculpture

G: Under the Fermilab Proton Pagoda

door Richard Drew, 9.4 hier vandaan

This building is no longer used. In the past it was an important part of Fermilab. From their informa...

Under the Fermilab Proton Pagoda

H: Near the "Worm" at Fermilab

door Richard Drew, 9.6 hier vandaan

Shot at Fermilab with my photo group, the week before Fermilab banned organized photo groups from tours.

Near the "Worm" at Fermilab

I: Fermilab - Bubble Chamber

door Richard Drew, 10.3 hier vandaan

The Bubble Chamber is now obsolete, and sits as a piece of modern art and a testament to past works a...

Fermilab - Bubble Chamber

J: Johnson Mound Forest Preserve

door Thomas Henneman, 12.7 hier vandaan

This image was captured at the top of Johnson Mound, the primary feature in a Forest Preserve by that...

Johnson Mound Forest Preserve

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The United States is one of the most diverse countries on earth, jam packed full of amazing sights from St. Patrick's cathedral in New York to Mount Hollywood California.The Northeast region is where it all started. Thirteen British colonies fought the American Revolution from here and won their independence in the first successful colonial rebellion in history. Take a look at these rolling hills carpeted with foliage along the Hudson river here, north of New York City.The American south is known for its polite people and slow pace of life. Probably they move slowly because it's so hot. Southerners tend not to trust people from "up north" because they talk too fast. Here's a cemetery in Georgia where you can find graves of soldiers from the Civil War.The West Coast is sort of like another country that exists to make the east coast jealous. California is full of nothing but grizzly old miners digging for gold, a few gangster rappers, and then actors. That is to say, the West Coast functions as the imagination of the US, like a weird little brother who teases everybody then gets famous for making freaky art.The central part of the country is flat farmland all the way over to the Rocky Mountains. Up in the northwest corner you can find creative people in places like Portland and Seattle, along with awesome snowboarding and good beer. Text by Steve Smith.

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