Corposamente 2012 - DimensioniVariabili - La Sesta Traccia

During the festival "Corposamente 2012" the art collective DimensioniVariabili has created this installation which suggests a critique of the path towards the candidacy of Ravenna European Capital of Culture in 2019. The city of Ravenna has started its path following the "five tracks" suggested by the administration. The footprints left by the spectators who walk on the books carpet at the entrance of the festival are elements that accumulate and add to the rest to create a collective work. There is something else, this is the Sixth Track, something that people carry with them, something related to land, roots, independent of the superstructure planned, something not predictable, extemporaneous, but linked to the genius of the people who too often can not find the way to be expressed. Genius depicted in that kind of shroud painted by DissensoCognitivo on the wooden planks resting on open books.


Copyright: Claudio Lanconelli
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 8256x4128
Taken: 02/09/2012
Geüpload: 03/09/2012
Geüpdatet: 17/09/2014
Keer bekeken:


Tags: corposamente 2012; dimensioni variabili
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