Crimea mountains, january 2005
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Panoramische foto door Dmitri Melinchuk EXPERT Genomen 08:42, 24/01/2005 - Views loading...


Crimea mountains, january 2005

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Panorama's in de omgeving van Simferopol


A: Angara river

door Yevgeny Yefremov, 2.3 hier vandaan

Angara river. is formed by the confluence of r...

Angara river

B: Chatyr-Dag yaila, south-east scrap

door Anton Kalkasov, 2.7 hier vandaan

View from the south-east scarp of Chatyr-Dag yaila. There are Angar pass, Dolgorukov yaila and Demerd...

Chatyr-Dag yaila, south-east scrap

C: Donkey path

door Max Balyura, 3.4 hier vandaan

Donkey path

D: View of the Holodny Couloir

door Anton Kalkasov, 4.4 hier vandaan

Holodny Couloir - mountain gorge at Chater Dagh, through which you can climb to the top of the Angar-...

View of the Holodny Couloir

E: Crimea TOPlending for paragliding

door chepelev sergey, 4.5 hier vandaan

Crimea TOPlending for paragliding

F: Pahkal-Kaya

door Max Balyura, 4.7 hier vandaan


G: Beech forest in Chatyr-Dah

door Sergey Bondarenko, 4.7 hier vandaan

Beech forest in Chatyr-Dah

Beech forest in Chatyr-Dah

H: Pahkal-Kaya

door Anton Kalkasov, 4.8 hier vandaan


I: TakeOFF Tas-Tao, Crimea

door chepelev sergey, 5.0 hier vandaan

TakeOFF Tas-Tao, Crimea

J: Ayan water reservoir from Chatyrdag plateau

door Yevgeny Yefremov, 5.0 hier vandaan

Ayan water reservoir from Chatyrdag plateau

Dit panorama is genomen in Simferopol

Dit is een overzicht van Simferopol

Simferopol  (Ukrainian: Сімферополь; Russian: Симферополь, meaning in Greek: city of common good; Crimean Tatar: Aqmescit, literally: The white mosque) is the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in southern Ukraine. As the capital of Crimea, Simferopol is an important political, economic, and transport center of the peninsula. As of 2006, the city's population is 340,600.

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