Drop Tower Bremen ZARM
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Panoramische foto door Florian Bertzbach Genomen 17:20, 31/08/2009 - Views loading...


Drop Tower Bremen ZARM

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Fallturm Bremen is a drop towerat the center of applied Space technology and microgravity at the University of Bremen. It has a 123-metre-high drop tube (actual drop distance is 110 m), in which for 4.74 seconds (with release of the drop capsule), or for over 9 seconds (with the use of a catapult, installed in 2004)weightlessness can be produced. The entire tower is 146 metres high.

The 123-metre drop tube is free-standing within the concrete shell, in order to prevent the transmission of wind-induced vibrations, which could otherwise result in the airtight drop capsule hitting the walls. The drop tube is pumped down prior to every free-fall experiment to about 

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Panorama's in de omgeving van Bremen


A: Fallturm

door Volker Uhl, 70 hier vandaan


B: Fallturm Bremen (ZARM)

door Burkhard Koerner, 140 hier vandaan

Fallturm Bremen (ZARM)

C: Helikopter am Fallturm Bremen

door Florian Bertzbach, 200 hier vandaan

Auf dem Gelände hinter dem Fallturm bestand eine Zeit die Möglichkeit, Helikopter Modelle zu fliegen....

Helikopter am Fallturm Bremen

D: BSAG Haltestelle Universität Bremen

door Willy Kaemena, 480 hier vandaan

Bus 21 Solaris Urbino 18    BSAG Haltestelle Universität Bremen

BSAG Haltestelle Universität Bremen

E: "Universum" (Science Center)

door Burkhard Koerner, 930 hier vandaan

"Universum" (Science Center)

F: Universum Bremen

door Willy Kaemena, 940 hier vandaan

Universum® Bremen turns science into an adventure! Read more about the Universum

Universum Bremen

G: Universum

door Willy Kaemena, 1.0 hier vandaan


H: Universum

door Volker Uhl, 1.0 hier vandaan


I: Bienenroland im Stadtwald

door Burkhard Koerner, 1.5 hier vandaan

Bienenroland im Stadtwald

J: Kleiner Stadtwaldsee

door Burkhard Koerner, 1.5 hier vandaan

Kleiner Stadtwaldsee

Dit panorama is genomen in Bremen

Dit is een overzicht van Bremen

The 1,200 year old “Free Hanseatic City of Bremen” and its North Sea port sister of Bremerhaven make up a two-city state, which is the smallest of Germany’s sixteen states. The cities are separated by a mere 60 kilometers along the river Weser. Bremen is a center of technology, renowned for its leadership in aircraft construction and space station assembly as well as space propulsion systems. The city-state earned the distinction of being named the “City of Science” in 2005 as demonstrated by the science center “Universum Bremen” and the “EADS Astrium”.

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