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Panoramische foto door Kay-Uwe Rosseburg EXPERT Genomen 08:05, 22/08/2007 - Views loading...



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Panorama's in de omgeving van Hamburg


A: U-434 - Diesel engine room

door Jan Koehn, 50 hier vandaan

U-434 - Diesel engine room

B: U-434 E-machine room

door Jan Koehn, 50 hier vandaan

U-434  E-machine room

C: U-434 - torpedo room

door Jan Koehn, 70 hier vandaan

U-434 - torpedo room


door Thomas Ziegler, 120 hier vandaan

Blick auf die Elbe in Richtung Fischmarkt und Fischauktionshalle und Schiffsanleger sowie mit Blick i...

E: Park Fiction

door Jan Koehn, 160 hier vandaan

Park Fiction

F: Hamburg Park Fiction

door Wolfgang Peth, 160 hier vandaan

Hamburg Park Fiction

G: St Pauli Fischmarkt

door Wolfgang Peth, 170 hier vandaan

St Pauli Fischmarkt

H: St. Pauli Hafenstraße

door Kay-Uwe Rosseburg, 170 hier vandaan

St. Pauli Hafenstraße

I: St. Pauli Pinnasberg

door Kay-Uwe Rosseburg, 210 hier vandaan

View from St. Pauli over the river Elbe

St. Pauli Pinnasberg

J: Hamburg Pinnasberg

door Wolfgang Peth, 210 hier vandaan

Hamburg Pinnasberg

Dit panorama is genomen in Hamburg

Dit is een overzicht van Hamburg

Hamburg: Second largest city of Germany, situated in the north at the river Elbe, because of the seaport well known as a city of merchants. Because of the nearby sea, you will always have some fresh breeze while you are walking through the streets with nice private town-houses or while you are floating along aboard an “Alsterdampfer” on the river Alster.

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