Fravahr Gallery Mar 2012 Hadi Jamali 03

Hadi jamali Born 1950 Shiraz IRAN
M.A of Industrial Design
B.A of Interior Design 
Diploma of FineArts 
A member of the Faculty of Art & Architectur , Islamic Azad University 
Department Directory of Industrial design , Islamic Azad University 1999 to 2004 
A member of Association of Iranian Painters (AIP) A member of Group 30 + 
Individual Painting Exhibition: 
2005 Homa Gallery 
2004 Honarmandan Gallery 
2003 Elahe Gallery 
2001 Barg Gallery 
1998 Khorshid Gallery 

Group Painting Exhibition : 
2007 4 th Biennial Exhibition of Islamic Word Painting , Khyal gallery , Iranian Academy of Art 
2007 Iranian Spring , Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art 
2006 East of Imagination Iranian contemporary Painters , Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art 
2006 Exhibitaion Painting by group 30+ , Cultural Section of the Embassy of Mexico
2006 Painting , Sculptur , Video Art Exhibition , Esfehan Museum Contemporary Art 
2005 International Exhabition of Nature in Oriental Art,Iranian Academy of Arts
2005 The First Exhibition of Iranian Contemporary Art Insupport of Cancer Patients , Niavaran Artistic Creations Foundation 
2005 The 2nd Artistic Exhibition of Koran , Niavaran Artistic Foundation 
2005 The Great Exhibitionof Espiritual ART , Niavaran Artistic CreationsFoundation 
2005 Siah Ghalam , Group 30 + , Vali Gallery 
2005 3th biennial Exhibition of Islamic World Painting, Iranian Academy 
2005 Honarmandan Gallery / Barg Gallery / Laleh Gallery 
2004 Honarmandan Gallery / Khak Gallery 
2003 The 6th Tehran Contemporary Painting Biennia / Barg Gallery/ Honarmandan Gallery/ Shahr Gallery 
2002 2nd biennial Exhibition of Islamic World Painting Iranian Academy / The People Attacked by the Earthquake,Niavaran Artistis Creation Foundation / Art Cultural Center / Arg Bam Kerman / Barg Galley
2001 Niavaran Artistic Creation Foundation / Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Art/Blue Exhibition,Honarmanda Gallery/Sanandaj 
The 5th Tehran Contemporary Painting Biennia / New exhibition Honarmandan Gallery,
2001/ 2000 / 1999 / 1998 /1997 5th , 4th , 3rd , 2nd , 1st , Exhibition of Iranian Contemporary Drawing , Barg Gallery 
2002 / 1994/ 1992 / 1990 /1989 Artistic Works Exhibitions of the Professors of Islamic Azad University 
1999 / 1995 / 1994 / 1993 Iranian Cultural Art Products Fair, Tehran International Permanet Fair Ground , 
1999 The First International Binnial the Works of Illustrators of Children`s bookTehran Museum Contemporary Art 
1999 The Great sale of Year Painting Exhibition, Niavaran Artistic Creation Foundation , 
1998 The Exhibition of “ Aselection of Thirty Years of Illustrations at the children and teenagers Center ( 1960 - 1996 ) “ Center of 
Creations of Tehran 
1997 / 1993 / 1991 The 1st, 2nd ,4th , Biennial of Contemporary Iranian Paiting , Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art 
1993 / 1992 The 1st , 2nd , “Flower & Nature “ in the Woorks of Persian Painters Exhibition 
1992/ 1991 /1990 /1989 /1988/ 1985 /1984 Painting Exhibition at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art 
1989 Plastic Art Exhibition , Shahed Museum the First Exhibition Illustrators of Children Books,Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art 
The Second Exhibition of “ Graphics Art of Iran “ Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art 
1985 / 1984 Painting Exhibition, Niavaran Artistic Creation Foundation

Conceptual Art Exhibition : 
Contemporary Art 2004 Iranian Garden, Group 30 + , Tehran Museum of 
Barg Gallery / Contemporary Art 2001 Tehran Museum of

Gruop Exhibitions Abroad : 
2006 Beijing International Art Expo 2006
2005 International Expo China 
2005 Painting Exhibition Dubai 
2004 Exhibition of Iranian Painters , Vancover - Canada 
2003 Painting and Installation , Iravan - Armenia 
2002 The Triennial International Contemporary Art , Grand Arc Paris - France, Tokyo - Japan 2002 Painting Exhibition 
2003 / 2002 Painting Exhibition Museum Metropolitan Gallery Tokyo - Japan
1998 Chicago - USA Painting Exhibition 
1992 The Exhibition of the Iranian Chidren and Teenager ‘ s Book Illustrators ,Noma - Japan 
The Exhibition of the Iranian Chidren and Teenager ‘ s Book 1991 Illustrators ,Pakistan of Exhibition the Works of Illustrators 1991 The International
Bolonya - Italy Chidren and Teenager ‘ s Book

2005 The Grade Prize of “ 3th biennial Exhibition of Islamic World Painting
1993 Cyristal Live Award of Rouyesh and the First Award of ”Flower & Nature in the works of Persian Painters”
1990 1st Prize of Illustration , Pilgrimage, Endowment and charity Affairs organization 
competition , high Painting 1968 1st Grade Medal , Nationalschools of Iran , Ramsar

Board of Honor from: 
2001 / 1999 Board of Honor “selected professor” of faculty of Arts Architecture , Islamic Azad University
1993 Center of visual Arts 
1991 Iran Carpet Organization Guidance 
1989 Cultural Assistance of Ministry of Islamic
1987 Cultural Assistance of Islamic Azad University

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Copyright: Majeed Panahee Joo
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 7500x3750
Geüpload: 14/03/2012
Geüpdatet: 10/04/2014
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Tags: fravahar gallery; artin360; www.majidpanahi.com; majeed panahee joo; گالری فروهر; عکاسی صنعتی; عکاسی تبلیغاتی; commercial photography; professional photographer; hadi jamali; هادی جمالی
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More About Tehran

Overview and HistoryTehran is the capital of Iran and the largest city in the Middle East, with a population of fifteen million people living under the peaks of the Alborz mountain range.Although archaeological evidence places human activity around Tehran back into the years 6000BC, the city was not mentioned in any writings until much later, in the thirteenth century. It's a relatively new city by Iranian standards.But Tehran was a well-known village in the ninth century. It grew rapidly when its neighboring city, Rhages, was destroyed by Mongolian raiders. Many people fled to Tehran.In the seventeenth century Tehran became home to the rulers of the Safavid Dynasty. This is the period when the wall around the city was first constructed. Tehran became the capital of Iran in 1795 and amazingly fast growth followed over the next two hundred years.The recent history of Tehran saw construction of apartment complexes and wide avenues in place of the old Persian gardens, to the detriment of the city's cultural history.The city at present is laid out in two general parts. Northern Tehran is more cosmopolitan and expensive, southern Tehran is cheaper and gets the name "downtown."Getting ThereMehrabad airport is the original one which is currently in the process of being replaced by Imam Khomeini International Airport. The new one is farther away from the city but it now receives all the international traffic, so allow an extra hour to get there or back.TransportationTehran driving can be a wild free-for-all like some South American cities, so get ready for shared taxis, confusing bus routes and a brand new shiny metro system to make it all better. To be fair, there is a great highway system here.The metro has four lines, tickets cost 2000IR, and they have segregated cars. The women-only carriages are the last two at the end, FYI.Taxis come in two flavors, shared and private. Private taxis are more expensive but easier to manage for the visiting traveler. Tehran has a mean rush hour starting at seven AM and lasting until 8PM in its evening version. Solution? Motorcycle taxis! They cut through the traffic and any spare nerves you might have left.People and CultureMore than sixty percent of Tehranis were born outside of the city, making it as ethnically and linguistically diverse as the country itself. Tehran is the most secular and liberal city in Iran and as such it attracts students from all over the country.Things to do, RecommendationsTake the metro to the Tehran Bazaar at the stop "Panzda Gordad". There you can find anything and everything -- shoes, clothes, food, gold, machines and more. Just for the sight of it alone you should take a trip there.If you like being outside, go to Darband and drink tea in a traditional setting. Tehranis love a good picnic and there are plenty of parks to enjoy. Try Mellat park on a friday (fridays are public holidays), or maybe Park Daneshjou, Saaii or Jamshidieh.Remember to go upstairs and have a look around, always always always! The Azadi Tower should fit the bill; it was constructed to commemorate the 2500th anniversary of the Persian Empire.Tehran is also full of museums such as:the Contemporary Art Museumthe Abghine Musuem (glass works)the 19th century Golestan Royal Palace museumthe museum of carpets (!!!)Reza Abbasi Museum of extraordinary miniaturesand most stunning of all,the Crown Jewels Museum which holds the largest pink diamond in the world and many other jaw-dropping jewels.Text by Steve Smith.