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Holocaust Memorial the tunnel

Interrupting this pilgrimage is an Eternal Light and an enclosed shrine-like space leading to a narrow passage. The decreasing ceiling height of the tunnel creates the feeling of a diminished self, while the names of the most infamous death camps stare out of the two narrowing walls at the visitor.

The sight that awaits the sojourner stuns the eye. A large circular plaza paved in pink-hued Jerusalem stone is surrounded by a high solid wall lined with shining black granite. The multiple reflections in the many granite panels mirror the central object of the plaza - a 42-foot-high bronze sculpture, designed by Kenneth Treister and cast in Mexico City by Fundición Artística. The sculpture depicts close to one hundred figures in different family groupings. They cry out with anguish, they tell of pain, of despair, of life and of death in a man-made hell. Topping the sculpture is a hand evolving from an arm bearing the ultimate mark of man's dehumanization, a number which became man's identification, cancelling his real human identity.


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Copyright: Nuurs Ortiz
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 6000x3000
Taken: 29/03/2010
Geüpload: 30/03/2010
Geüpdatet: 01/09/2014
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Tags: miami; holocaust; museum
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