Island of white sand - Mayotte

L'Ilot white sand Saziley part of conventional circuit : beach Saziley to observe turtles, Ilot Bambo for its falling Ilôt white sand for its crystal clear water . The sand is thick and contains many pieces of dead coral.

The coral reef that surrounds it has suffered in recent years, especially because of the "El Niño " in 1998. It restores nevertheless faster than would have been expected.

Many fishermen offer the ride to Ilot Blanc. This is one of the best snorkeling spots ( snorkeling with just fins, mask and snorkel ) . Only drawback place: too much sun ! Not a bit of shade , so it should cover not do crayfish .... D " Also, you may come across a lobster hidden in a hollow reef. Caution fishing is prohibited !

On the path that will lead you to the Ilot Saziley , you may be lucky enough to cross paths with dolphins and turtles ...

At low tide, the island Saziley extends over several hundred meters to leave emerge a few square meters of sand reef at high tide.

(from : http://www.malango-mayotte.fr)

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