Monte Baldo, Frank Ellmerich
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Monte Baldo, Frank Ellmerich

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Monte Baldo is a mountain in the Italian Alps, located in the provinces of Trentino and Verona. Its ridge spans mainly northeast-southwest, and is bounded from south by the highland ending at Caprino Veronese, from west by Lake Garda, from north by the valley joining Rovereto to Nago-Torbole and, from east, the Val d'Adige.

The name derives from the German Wald ("forest"); it appears for the first time in a German map in 1163.

The summit is reachable through a cable car from the nearby town of Malcesine, lying on the Lake Garda.


Mount Baldo is characterized by a geographical identity, a ridge parallel to Lake Garda, which stretches for 40 km, between the lake to the west and Val d'Adige to the east, and on the south it is bounded by plain Caprino and North Valley Loppio.

Mount Baldo reaches its maximum elevation of 2,218 m with the Valdritta, and its minimum elevation of 65 m on Lake Garda.

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A: Monte Baldo Gardasee, Frank Ellmerich

door Frank Ellmerich, 40 hier vandaan

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaMonte Baldo is a mountain in the Italian Alps, located in the pr...

Monte Baldo Gardasee, Frank Ellmerich

C: View point at Monte Baldo

door Rafael DeVill, 70 hier vandaan

Monte Baldo is a 2218m high hill towering over Malchesine, Veneto, Italy. It's provides an astonishin...

View point at Monte Baldo

D: monte baldo

door Fabrizio Pedrazza, 100 hier vandaan

monte baldo

E: Lake Garda - View from Monte Baldo

door Ruediger Kottmann, 1.0 hier vandaan

Lake Garda - View from Monte Baldo

F: Italy, Malcesine, Monte Baldo

door Thomas Blanket, 1.1 hier vandaan

Italy, Malcesine, Monte Baldo

G: Italy, Malcesine, Castello Macesine Tower

door Thomas Blanket, 4.4 hier vandaan

Italy, Malcesine, Castello Macesine Tower

H: Malcesine Castello Scaligero

door Roland Lahner, 4.4 hier vandaan

Malcesine Castello Scaligero

I: Malcesine - Piazza Cavour

door Ruediger Kottmann, 4.4 hier vandaan

Malcesine  - Piazza Cavour

J: Malcesine Castello Scaligero Balcone

door Roland Lahner, 4.4 hier vandaan

Malcesine Castello Scaligero Balcone

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The name "Italy" is shrouded in mystery; some etymologists trace it to a Greek word meaning "the land of young cattle."

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Text by Steve Smith.

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