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Jilin Catholic church
Jilin Province

The Jilin Catholic church is situated the Songhua River road, northmost part the

Jilin bridge neighbor, south near the Songhua River. Began from 1917, completed in
1926 finishes. This is a gothic style construction, this kind of architectural style
originates north France, the 12th century to the 15th century period is in vogue in
Western Europe, has substituted for the Romanesque sincere gloomy semicircle arched
entrance church modelling. The Catholic church front part has three points to
construct tower-shaped hangs has the cross, for church main body construction.
Middle one is the church bell tower, on Sunday or Catholicism holiday, ding clear
long-drawn-out, is continuous several miles, the entire church construction uses
from the Arab League stone hada gathering blue stone. Chisells the different
specification combination Shi Zuo, the stone column, carves by the pattern design,
the appropriate match becomes. The church builds a wall with the specially made blue
brick, in the hall has 16 circular big stone columns, 24 leaves brush have the image
glass window, the plaster figure, five sacrificial altars. The original concept is
unique, manifests religious and the national culture fusion color. Catholicism
spreads to China, meets missionary Matteo Ricci starting from Jesus (bright Wanli eight years) to arrive at China after 1508. In 1682 (the clear Kangxi 21 years)
enters Northeast. The 18th century to the early 19th century, Catholicism suffered
in China's dissemination endures damps, besides Macao and so on minority area, once presented the interrupt the situation, only then restored to the Daoguang Dynasty.
In 1838 Northeast establishes has the independent department church parish, manages
by Bishop Fang Rewang, lasted amounts to for more than 30 years. After 1905, the Jilin church parish will proselytize by Paris outside will manage.

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    More About Jilin Province

    Jilin referred to as "Ji", the provincial capital, Changchun. Located in east longitude 122-131 degrees, 41-46 degrees north latitude, an area of 18.74 square kilometers, accounting for 2% of the total area. It is located in the middle of Northeast China, in Japan, Russia, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia and northeast China, consisting of the hinterland areas of Northeast Asia. North of Heilongjiang Province, Liaoning Province, south, west of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the East and the Russian border, southeast of the Tumen River, Yalu River as the boundary, and the Democratic People's Republic across the River. 650 kilometers from east to west, 300 km from north to south. Southeast high, low northwest of the Midwest is a vast plain. Jurisdiction of Changchun - a sub-rovincial city, Jilin, Siping, Tonghua, Baishan, Liaoyuan, White City, Matsubara seven prefecture-level cities and the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture.