Lübeck - Kolk

The approximately 110 meters long Kolk street is located on the western edge of Old Town Island, in the Marien Quartier. Der Kolk bears it’s name since 1334, when it  was mentioned for the first time under the name „documented with the name „To dem kolke“. In the Low German language, „Kolk“ meand a depression or rinsing in a stream. The stream was possibly referring to the one which also gave the name to the subsequent street Klein Kiesau. Over 2/3 of the historical substance of Kolk is still available, with a striking exception in the form of the unadorned side wall of a department store from the 1960s, neither in appearance nor in the dimensions in the context of the narrow medieval street blends. [Parts of description taken from http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kolk_(Lübeck)]

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