Le Pont Perent

Le Pont Perent is an ancient bridge built around 1500 to replace a natural river crossing formed by 2 great rocks (to the left). The valley of the Guiers-Mort river was for a long time the only access to the Chartreuse Monastry via a narrow mule path. From 1495 a few bridges were constructed and used until the replacement of the path by the new 'Route du Desert' and Le Pont St Bruno in 1856.

The bridge is built of white limestone,and was classed as a Monument Historic in 1923.

Credit for this information goes to a couple of white tourist information signs at the site.

Copyright: Andy Bryant
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 18338x9169
Geüpload: 03/04/2011
Geüpdatet: 13/08/2014
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Tags: waterfall; bridge; nature; river; monument; historic
  • Bertrand de LACLOS about 1 year ago
    Très joli ! C'est pris avec une pose longue ? Un filtre gris ?
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