Maso Ginocchio
Copyright: Davide Voltolini
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 9980x4990
Taken: 09/04/2012
Geüpload: 10/04/2012
Geüpdatet: 15/10/2014
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Tags: park; trento; town
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Andrea Biffi
Torrione Madruzziano e Palazzo della Curia a Trento (Sudtirol)
Giuliano Bernardi
Mercatini Di Natale Trento
Christmas markets 2011
Giuliano Bernardi
Christmas Markets of Trento
Christmas markets
Giuliano Bernardi
Piazza Fiera
Stefano Gelli
Via San Vigilio - Trento
Andrea Biffi
Trento, cattedrale di San Vigilio (Duomo)
Piazza Duomo
Andrea Biffi
piazza del Duomo a Trento - Italy
marco vanzo
Piazza del Duomo Trento
Matthias Kunze
Gelateria Grom
Brandon Riza
Mount Tom and Basin Mountain from the Buttermilks
Kay F. Jahnke
View from Summit of Cima Pedum
Frank Taylor
Three Sisters Up Close
Lukasz Michalik
Skrzyczne - 1257m - skrzyczne-1257m Winter peak
Vlad Rotmistroff
canyon Tamshaly
Willy Kaemena
ION Sky Orchard Rd.
Bill Heller
Sunset on the Goleta Pier
Italy Intensives ECU
Via Boccaccio
Thang Bui
Calligrapher Cung Khac Luoc
Soda Lake boardwalk
David Mariotti
Guardian Building, Main Lobby
Gary Davies
HMS Queen Elizabeth construction, Portsmouth
Davide Voltolini
San Martino
Davide Voltolini
Lake Tenno
Davide Voltolini
Heller Garden
Davide Voltolini
Davide Voltolini
Heller Garden 2
Davide Voltolini
Davide Voltolini
lake Monticolo
Davide Voltolini
Davide Voltolini
Maso Ginocchio
Davide Voltolini
Dusler Alm
Davide Voltolini
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Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol consists of two provinces: Trento and Bolzano-Bozen. The region was part of Austria-Hungary (and its predecessor, the Austrian Empire) from 1815 until its annexation by Italy in 1919. Together with the Austrian state of Tyrol it is represented by the Euroregion Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino.More informations on Wikipedia