Memorial to soldiers who died in WWII
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Memorial to soldiers who died in WWII

世界 > 亚洲 > Kazakhstan > Kokshetau

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Panorama's in de omgeving van Kokshetau


A: The Palace of Culture "Kokshetau"

door Andrew Bodrov, 260 hier vandaan

The Palace of Culture "Kokshetau"

B: School Nr.5

door Andrew Bodrov, 510 hier vandaan

School Nr.5

C: Kokshetau, Central Square

door Andrew Bodrov, 640 hier vandaan

Kokshetau, Central Square

D: Administration of Akmola region

door Andrew Bodrov, 660 hier vandaan

Administration of Akmola region

E: Bukpa hill

door Andrew Bodrov, 2.0 hier vandaan

Bukpa hill

H: Боровое. Скала Лягушка

door roman codavr, 60.5 hier vandaan

Боровое. Скала Лягушка

I: Лунная ночь на озереЩучье

door Evgeny Lyoshin, 62.2 hier vandaan

Лунная ночь на озере Щучье

Лунная ночь на озереЩучье

Dit panorama is genomen in Kokshetau

Dit is een overzicht van Kokshetau

The town was founded in 1824 as a fortress, named for the Kokshetau hill it was built on; the name is Kazakh for "greenish mountain".

During the late 1930s, as a result of the Polish operation of the NKVD and related national operations, especially against Germans, many former residents of the kresy were forcibly settled in this region, and Kokchetav became the center of the Polish diaspora in Kazakhstan. On March 16, 1944, the Kokchetav Oblast was created, with Kokchetav as its administrative center.

source: wikipedia

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