Oberhofenkirche Goeppingen
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Panoramische foto door Ruediger Kottmann PRO EXPERT MAESTRO Genomen 15:12, 02/08/2009 - Views loading...

Oberhofenkirche Goeppingen

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Panorama's in de omgeving van Goeppingen, Germany


A: Oberhofenkirche Goeppingen

door Ruediger Kottmann, 20 hier vandaan

Oberhofenkirche Goeppingen

B: Goeppingen, Moerikeanlagen mit Oberhofenkirche

door Hans-Dieter Teschner, 40 hier vandaan

Goeppingen, Moerikeanlagen mit Oberhofenkirche

C: Oberhofen-Church in Goeppingen

door Ruediger Kottmann, 60 hier vandaan

Oberhofen-Church in Goeppingen

D: Göppingen Altes E Werk

door Alexander Werger, 170 hier vandaan

Göppingen Altes E Werk

E: Göppingen Feuerwehr

door Alexander Werger, 220 hier vandaan

Göppingen Feuerwehr

F: Goeppingen, Marktstrasse/Friedrich-Ebert-, Burgstrasse

door Hans-Dieter Teschner, 250 hier vandaan

Goeppingen, Marktstrasse/Friedrich-Ebert-, Burgstrasse

G: Göppingen Agentur für Arbeit

door Alexander Werger, 290 hier vandaan

Göppingen Agentur für Arbeit

H: Göppingen Marktstrasse Friedrichstrasse

door Alexander Werger, 310 hier vandaan

Göppingen Marktstrasse Friedrichstrasse

I: Goeppingen, Germany, at night 5

door Ivan Savin, 340 hier vandaan

Goeppingen, Germany, at night 5

J: Goeppingen, Germany at night1

door Ivan Savin, 350 hier vandaan

Goeppingen, Germany at night1

Dit panorama is genomen in Goeppingen, Germany, Bavaria

Dit is een overzicht van Bavaria

The “Free State of Bavaria” is renowned for being culturally unique and for the emphasis which it places on preserving its heritage and traditions. It is also extraordinarily beautiful, boasting a plethora of castles, palaces, cathedrals, abbeys and monasteries not to mention spectacular scenery. Bavaria is more than Alps, men in “lederhosen” (leather pants), women in “dirndl” (traditional dresses) and frothy glasses of beer by the “maβ” (liter).

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