Platonov's Monument
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Platonov's Monument

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Platonov’s Monument was unveiled on the Centenary of his birth in the Revolution Avenue (former Bolshaya Dvorianskaya Street) in the garden between the Governor’s House and the Voronezh University Library.

Andrey Platonov (Klementov) was born in Voronezh on September 1, 1899. He changed many professions and did much for the benefit of the people as a gifted engineer and inventor, best known for the land-reclamation works led under his direction in the Voronezh Province.

As a poet and journalist he started his career in the Voronezh newspapers and his most important books were written about the Voronezh land and its people. Platonov is a universally acclaimed great philosophical writer of the XX century Russian literature.

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H: Puppet show

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I: Sovetskaja square 05/18/2005

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Sovetskaja square 05/18/2005

J: The Voronezh theatre of drama in winter

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The Voronezh theatre of drama in winter

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Text by Steve Smith.

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