Shangqiu City - Zhang Xun Temple (Zhang Xun statue)

Zhang Xunci is located in Henan Shangqiu old city Nanmenwai, is “Anlushan Rebellion” to defend Zhang Xun who, Xu Yuan et al. for the commemoration Suiyang dies for a just cause to construct. When Anlushan Rebellion, will revolt will besiege Suiyang, Zhang Xun leads the gentleman to defend Suiyang, and has launched the intense fight with the rebel army, will cause the enemy troop to suffer the heavy losses. Because what a pity finally does not have the backing, the city broken to die for a just cause, he to subside the rebellion, protected the Jiangsu and Anhui common people to establish the immortal meritorious service. This the place main hall constructed in 1990, occupied a land area of 40,700 square meters, the north and south length 370 meters, the thing width 100 meters, divided into the square area, the built-up area and the grave botanical garden area three parts in turn from south to north. Entire ancestral temple grand magnificent, dignified solemn and respectful. Is the area south of Yellow River area biggest imitates Tang Shi to construct. Zhang Xun (709-757), the Henan person, Xuanzong founds a nation last years successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations third, the Tang reaching the highest point of virtuous activity two years (A.D. 757 years) in the first lunar month, peaceful history rebel army 13 Wan Youyin the child leads to attack the Sui Yangcheng wonderfully, the Sui Yangcheng was the north and south transportation fort, place of the military pharynx and larynx. The rebel army attempts to trample flat Suiyang, captures the Jiangsu and Anhui rich and populous place, in this critical life or death critical moment, opens patrols to bravely step forward, to lead the only 6800 officers and men to resist 130,000 rebel armies, launched a startled world, indescribably tragic Suiyang to defend the war. Finally because although audiences widowed disparate, the grain helps is defeated certainly, but its actually powerful contained the rebel army to go south, has preserved the Datang half of the country and the Jiangsu and Anhui rich source of wealth, counter-attacked for the Datang dynasty has won the precious time and the material safeguard. Tang Dynasty big poet Han Yu was appraising the Suiyang security wartime on saying that “did not have Suiyang namely not to have Jiangsu and Anhui, did not have Suiyang namely not to have Datang”, obviously its importance, Wen Tianxiang “scolded the thief to open patrols, likes Mr. permitting far, keeps took the statement eternally fragrant” the verse spreads the eternity. Because patrols perseveres the Suiyang to be active, after he died, the royal government imperial edict presents as a gift him for the Yangzhou big commanding officer. The Song Dynasty big view (1107-1110) the year, bestow jue the period of five days, shi loyal and heroic. Zhang Xun, permits far is always command respect, since the Tang Dynasty, Suiyang people has constructed the temple, the ancestral hall to commemorate two person of merits many times. Jiangsu and Zhejiang and Taiwan have Zhang Xun the adorer more than 700 ten thousand people, Zhang Xunmiao more than 1000 places.

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