Showa retrospective museum
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Showa retrospective museum

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Japanese nostalgic museum in Ome, Tokyo. The upstair floor is the snow woman museum.

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Panorama's in de omgeving van Tama


A: Ome station

door heiwa4126, 240 hier vandaan

JR Ome station.

Ome station

B: Ome station entrance gate

door heiwa4126, 260 hier vandaan

The statue of Bakabon's Dad (gold) at Ome station. He is a cartoon charactor like Zippy the pinhead.

Ome station entrance gate

C: Cherry blossom in winter

door Taro Tsubomura, 430 hier vandaan

This is a small park located in front of Oume railway museum. In this park there are several cherry b...

Cherry blossom in winter

D: Oume railway museum

door Taro Tsubomura, 460 hier vandaan

The steam locomotive type E10 was one of the rare car because it has five pairs of driving wheels. Th...

Oume railway museum

E: Cockpit of the Steam Locomotive D51

door Taro Tsubomura, 470 hier vandaan

Type D51 steam locomotive was the most popular locomotive, in Japan. More than one thousand D51s had ...

Cockpit of the Steam Locomotive D51

F: Steam locomotives in Oume railway museum

door Taro Tsubomura, 490 hier vandaan

There are about ten steam locomotives in this museum. Type 110, the smallest locomotive in this park ...

Steam locomotives in Oume railway museum

G: Old farmer's house in Oume

door Taro Tsubomura, 600 hier vandaan

This old house (Miyazaki house) seems to be built on early 19th century and was designated as one of ...

Old farmer's house in Oume

H: In the old farmer's house

door Taro Tsubomura, 620 hier vandaan

This old house was built about 200 years ago. This is one of the typical example of the farmer's hous...

In the old farmer's house

I: Fukiage Iris Garden

door Taro Tsubomura, 1.6 hier vandaan

The garden is called as Fukiage Shobu park, "Shobu" means japanese iris. There are many kinds of Japa...

Fukiage Iris Garden

J: Fukiage iris garden

door Taro Tsubomura, 1.7 hier vandaan

Many Japanese iris flowers are in full bloom in the mid of June. This park has been maintained by vol...

Fukiage iris garden

Dit panorama is genomen in Tama

Dit is een overzicht van Tama

Tama area is the name of the western part of Tokyo Metropolis.  It consists of 26 cities, 3 towns and a village.  A lot of people (about 4 milion) live in a eastern half part of the area.  However, there are many mountains in the western part of Tama area, and there are very little flat land.  Many hiking spots are in the western area, so you can enjoy walking on the trail, camping, and so on.  If you see the beautiful mountain scene, you may not believe this is also in Tokyo.

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