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Panorama's in de omgeving van Nationaal Park Rondane


A: Dürålsglupen

door Ronald Tichelaar, 2.9 hier vandaan


B: From Haverdalen Into Dürålsglupen

door Ronald Tichelaar, 3.9 hier vandaan

From Haverdalen Into Dürålsglupen

C: A view from Haverdalsåe

door Ronald Tichelaar, 6.0 hier vandaan

A view from Haverdalsåe

D: Haverdalen

door Ronald Tichelaar, 8.4 hier vandaan


E: On Top Of Rondeslottet (2178m)

door Ronald Tichelaar, 8.6 hier vandaan

Rondeslottet (2178m) is the highest mountain in the Rondane mountain range and is also the highest mo...

On Top Of Rondeslottet (2178m)

F: On Top Of Vinjeronden (2044m)

door Ronald Tichelaar, 9.7 hier vandaan

Vinjeronden is one of the ten mountain in Rondane over 2,000 metres. It lies on the border of the thr...

On Top Of Vinjeronden (2044m)

G: Crossing Langglupbekken

door Ronald Tichelaar, 12.2 hier vandaan

The Langglupbekken stream runs between two of the highest mountains in the Rondane, Rondslottet (2178...

Crossing Langglupbekken

H: Illmanntjønnen

door Ronald Tichelaar, 13.5 hier vandaan

You'll pass Illmanntjønnen, a small lake in the Rondane, when you follow the DNT track from Rondvassb...


I: On top of the Sletthøe @1576m

door Ronald Tichelaar, 14.1 hier vandaan

On top of the Sletthøe @1576m

J: Gjermundstjønna

door Ronald Tichelaar, 15.1 hier vandaan

Following the DNT track from Straumbu to Bjørnhollia the first steep climb goes up Gjermundstjønna, t...


Dit panorama is genomen in Nationaal Park Rondane

Dit is een overzicht van Nationaal Park Rondane

Norway’s first national park.

The Rondane massif towers impressively over wide, lichen-covered mountain plateaus. In the south, the visitor is met by a tranquil landscape of gently rounded peaks. But these mountains also conceal deep valleys and precipitous mountainsides, especiallyin the north and in the east. The high mountain terrain is sparse and rocky, and dominated by lichen and heather. Here, wild reindeer have lived for thousands of years. You can find traces of traps, settlements and other cultural relics associated with hunting wild reindeer throughout Rondane. Nowadays the national park is one of Europe’s last remaining refuges of the original wild reindeer.

Rondane became Norway’s first national park in 1962 and it was extended in 2003. Its purpose is to preserve a unique natural area for posterity. Here the countryside, cultural relics, animals and plants are left in peace and hill-walkers can experience the countryside in peace and quiet.

From Directorate for Nature Management.

LocationHedmark and Oppland, Norway
Nearest cityOtta
Coordinates61°50′N 9°30′E
Area963 km2 (238,000 acres)
Established21 December 1962
Governing body  Directorate for Nature Management

Rondane National Park is the oldest national park in Norway, established on 21 December 1962. The park contains ten peaks above 2,000 metres (6,560 ft), with the highest being Rondeslottet at an altitude of 2,178 m (7,146 ft). The park is an important habitat for herds of wild reindeer.

The park was extended in 2003, and now covers an area of 963 km2 (372 sq mi) in the counties Oppland and Hedmark. Rondane lies just to the east of Gudbrandsdal and two other mountain areas, Dovre and Jotunheimen are nearby.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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