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Panoramische foto door Renzo Falconi EXPERT Genomen 10:12, 09/05/2011 - Views loading...



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A: Vittoriale-garden-

door Renzo Falconi, 30 hier vandaan


B: Vittoriale-Gardone Riviera-Piazza dell'Esedra-

door Renzo Falconi, 40 hier vandaan

Vittoriale-Gardone Riviera-Piazza dell'Esedra-

C: Vittoriale-Piazzetta Dalmata-Dalmata square-

door Renzo Falconi, 60 hier vandaan

Vittoriale-Piazzetta Dalmata-Dalmata square-

D: Vittoriale - Nave Puglia

door claudio-agostini, 130 hier vandaan

The "Nave Puglia" was granted by the Navy in 1925 and was put on a hill within the gardens of the "Vi...

Vittoriale - Nave Puglia

E: Vittoriale-Nave Puglia-Ship Puglia-

door Renzo Falconi, 130 hier vandaan

Vittoriale-Nave Puglia-Ship Puglia-

F: Vittoriale-Fontana del delfino-Dolphin Fountain

door Renzo Falconi, 140 hier vandaan

Vittoriale-Fontana del delfino-Dolphin Fountain

G: Vittoriale-Entrance

door Renzo Falconi, 150 hier vandaan


H: Vittoriale-D'Annunzio's Tomb-

door Renzo Falconi, 180 hier vandaan

Vittoriale-D'Annunzio's Tomb-

I: Vittoriale-D'Annunzio's Tomb-

door Renzo Falconi, 190 hier vandaan

Vittoriale-D'Annunzio's Tomb-

J: Vittoriale-under D'Annunzio's Tomb-

door Renzo Falconi, 210 hier vandaan

Vittoriale-under D'Annunzio's Tomb-

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The area of current Lombardy was settled at least since the 2nd millennium BC, as shown by the archaeological findings of ceramics, arrows, axes and carved stones... continues on wikipedia

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