lighthouse at night
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Panoramische foto door Emile Duijker EXPERT Genomen 20:58, 22/12/2010 - Views loading...


lighthouse at night

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Panorama's in de omgeving van Hoorn


A: lighthouse in Hoorn

door Emile Duijker, 20 hier vandaan

lighthouse in Hoorn

B: botter-build-hoorn

door Freddy Stapersma, 160 hier vandaan

picture taken at the old botterbuild shipyard in the city Hoorn.Here they restore these old ships and...


C: Oostereiland in Hoorn

door Emile Duijker, 260 hier vandaan

Oostereiland in Hoorn

D: Hoorn

door Emile Duijker, 360 hier vandaan


E: Houtenhoofd in Hoorn

door Emile Duijker, 470 hier vandaan

Houtenhoofd in Hoorn

F: de scheepsjongens van bontekoe

door Emile Duijker, 480 hier vandaan

De scheepsjongens van bontekoe " The Ship-boys of Bontekoe " are sitting there forever watching over ...

de scheepsjongens van bontekoe

G: Defence tower

door Emile Duijker, 490 hier vandaan

Defence  tower

H: old sluice in Hoorn

door Emile Duijker, 510 hier vandaan

old sluice in Hoorn

I: winter in Hoorn

door Emile Duijker, 520 hier vandaan

Snow in Holland made the country turn up side down this year. Creating traffic jams almost seven time...

winter in Hoorn

J: Harbor of Hoorn

door Emile Duijker, 530 hier vandaan

Harbor of Hoorn

Dit panorama is genomen in Hoorn

Dit is een overzicht van Hoorn

The first houses in Hoorn where build around the 13th century
and bought his city rights in the 14th century because it was already becoming an important trade city.
The glory period came in the 16th and 17th century when the V.O.C. started one of the six Chambers In Hoorn as a important tradecity in the golden age.
Many of the old rich buildings where made In that period.
After closure of the zuiderzee Hoorn was no longer a seaport and developed itself to a cultural city for the whole West-Friesland.

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