Westport Point

Westport is so lovely and so uncrowded at present that Westporters are torn between the urge to be polite to visitors and the urge to tell them to "go home!" so that they can keep it all to themselves.  That gave rise to a bumper sticker that reads "Welcome to Westport - Now go Home!"  Westport Point is one of the prettiest spots in Westport with its fishing boats and unique Paquachuck Inn.  Of geographic interest, the Point lies on a point of land between the east and west branches of the Westport River.  The two branches join and make their way to the sea just west of this beautiful harbor through a challenging "cut".  Note to sailors and underpowered boats: get some advice on the best current, wind and tidal conditions in which to approach it.

To see my "non-360 degree" panoramas of the southcoast region visit www.socopano.com

Copyright: Brian Shriver
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 14976x7488
Taken: 25/07/2009
Geüpload: 28/07/2009
Geüpdatet: 05/09/2014
Keer bekeken:


Tags: westport; ma; point; watershed; paquachuck; fishing; boats; dock; river
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